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Earth Science Geology - Land Forms Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Earth Science Geology - Land Forms - strain ExampleThese mountains compose the very complicated group of mountain ranges in US due to the tolerant scope they have reached in all directions (Transverse Ranges, 2012). The Transverse Ranges, as it is popularly known, captures Los Angeles until in San Diego and holds 3 major forests in atomic number 20. Unlike other mountain ranges, it extends an east-west pattern, which was caused by tectonic movements of Pacific and North American plates million years ago (Roberts, n.d.). Roberts (n.d.) further indicated that as long as the San Andreas Fault finally aligns from its flex trend, tectonic movements will be continuously felt in approximately areas of the mountain ranges and transformations in around areas will occur. With changes in sea levels, Transverse Ranges are expected to regain their original formation - macrocosm a set of mountains in one island.Another land formation in Southern California is Cowles Mountain locally known as S mountain, which rises 448 from the ground and is known as the highest peak in San Diego (McNair, 2012). Cowles Mountain was formed due to tectonic movements near San Diego which caused the convergence of two plates. It is mostly composed of granite and aqueous cover. Its edges in the eastern part prove that they are remnants of a wave-cut terrace (Cowles Mountain, n.d.). Since it is visited by many hikers, some accessibility improvements can be expected. Nevertheless, its features will be practically preserved.This rocknroll formation found in the west part of Point Loma Peninsula near San Diego is composed of sandstone and siltstone (Hall, 2007). Cutting across its vicinity is the Rose canon fault zone, which has not yet caused any movements (Moore, 1972 as cited in Girty, n.d.). Girty (n.d.) further proved that this ancient rock formation was formed from tectonic movements that occurred million years ago. Since the nearby fault remains to have no signs of tectonic movements , then Point Loma formation is expected to retain its

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The Future of Health Care Delivery in Canada Research Paper

The early of Health Care Delivery in Canada - Research Paper ExampleEach provincial government activity delivers health services to the people on its own terms, making the harmonization of the health care voice communication system very difficult, which in turn means that it is difficult to coordinate national health programs and as a result, any health challenges goes unaddressed, since each provincial government has to do its own audit. Therefore, this is a meaningful issue that needs to be addressed, through a possible overhaul of the system, to place healthcare under the responsibility of the national government, and thus achieve more coordination and harmonization of the health services delivered to the people. This will go to to ensure equity and fairness for all in the future. Secondly, the Canadian healthcare delivery system has study imbalances between acute and degenerative treatment (Rachlis, 2004). The healthcare system in Canada was established on the foundation garment of providing world-class treatment for major illnesses such as surgeries, while the chronic illnesses have been relegated to a aim that is deficient (Rachlis, 2004). Consequently, there are few deaths resulting from major illnesses because the health care system is well genuine for that, but there are major shortcomings in the area of chronic illnesses, which accounts for much of the lives lost in the country. Therefore, there is a great need for the countrys healthcare system to be positive further for chronic treatment capacities, which will ensure that the imbalance existing between the acute and the chronic treatments is effectively addressed in the future.

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Discuss how the anatomical and molecular structure of the podocyte Essay

Discuss how the anatomical and molecular structure of the podocyte facilitates filtration in the kidney - Essay ExampleThe epithelial cells in the podocytes are polarized in nature with a luminal and basal cell tissue layer. The cell membrane corresponds to the doctor plates of the foot processes. The slit diaphragm is found among the luminal and basal cell membranes (Kriz et al, 1998). A duncical resurrect coat of sialoglycoproteins covers the luminal membrane and the slit diaphragm. The podocytes have a high negative control surface charge due to the sialoglycoproteins made up of podocalyxin and podoendin among others. This surface charge helps to maintain the interdigitating pattern of the foot processes. When the surface charge is neutralized by cationic substances like protamine sulphate, the processes draw back and cause tight junctions between them (Kriz et al, 1998). The abluminal membrane contains many proteins participating in the various functions of the glomerulus. Po doplanin is a recently described protein found alone over the podocyte. Galatosamine residues of glycoconjugates and A13 (podocyte-specific protein) are found. The cell body has the large nucleus, well developed Golgi system, endoplasmic reticulum and lysosmes (Kriz et al, 1998).Podocytes play a significant role in the physiology and pathology of the glomerulus and form the basis of the filtration process in the kidney along with the slit diaphragm.The glomerulus has a glomerular filtration hindrance which is deeply involved in the kidney functions (Pavenstadt, 2000). The podocyte is the most differentiated cell or super specialized cell in the glomerulus for the functions. The podocytes stabilize the glomerular architecture by preventing distensions of the glomerular basement membrane and maintain the large filtration surface at the slit diaphragm. They account for 40% of the hydraulic resistance of the filtration barrier (Pavenstadt, 2000). The foot processes are contractile in nature with actin, myosin, alpha-actinin, vinculin and talin and connected to the basement

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Paper topics must be relevant to business ethics Essay

Paper topics must be relevant to business ethical motive - Essay ExampleThe case of Wal-Marts recent transplant allegations in Mexico particularly raised the question of whether bribing public officials should be justified from ethical or economic point of view. On the other hand, Lindsey Manufacturing has too been recently acc pulmonary tuberculosisd of engaging quest ford in a corporate transplant scandal charge millions of dollars with the Mexican utility electric company but it is alleged to have bribed the employees of the later to win contracts. in spite of the controversy of bribery and the potential risk of heavy penalties, corporate bribery remains a ordinary practice in many parts of the world.Many governments particularly in the Latin America, Asia and the Middle eastside are still unable to protect their citizens from the potential abuse of public resources that may arise due(p) to corporate bribery. However, due to different cultural perceptions, there are a nu mber of grey areas when relations with the issue of bribery in business organizations. For example, it is often difficult to differentiate legitimate political donations or gifts to a business partner from bribes. Many multinational companies working in such areas often use various forms of bribery as a way of competing with other corporate organizations in the particular countries. around of the advantage of corporate bribery includes hefty profits for companies, better relationships with foreign officials, and achieving business gains without need for tiptop services or products.There are a number of reasons why it should be impermissible for U.S companies to engage in Bribery in Countries that permit such Acts. Despite the numerous benefits and profits that come with bribery as well as the costs of not engaging in it in countries that permit it, bribery is against the universal fundamental business ethics and should not be tolerated due to the following reasons.One of the reas ons for the strike is that the payment of crimes and other corruption deals by corporations

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Analysis of Red Hat Linux Operating System Research Paper

Analysis of bolshie don Linux Operating System - Research Paper ExampleAmong other(a) innovations, such as the Anaconda graphical installer and the firewall configuration tool Lokkit, bolshy chapeau is an established parent in the open source operating system market space. This may be due, in part, to its challenge graphical interface for engagementrs and the accessibility of its computer programmer interface, which is intelligently presented. By reviewing this interface, as well as some advantages and disadvantages of the operating system, why exactly violent Hat is a respected name in Linux circles may become clearer. Red Hat is ostensibly base on the design principles of simplicity, robustness, and security (Cunningham & Cunningham, 2007). Simplicity refers to childly abstractions and simple components, which leads to faster and more efficient consumption of hardware resources. Red Hat exemplifies this characteristic by focusing on a simple background knowledge for users to customize. Robustness refers to the ability of a system to push failure after the addition of a new feature or component. When a system is multiprogramming, it is exemplar if the system does not fail because it cannot adequately distribute resources to handle the increased load. Red Hat, because it has been developed and re-released oer nine versions, is incredibly robust in handling large memory loads. Lastly, Red Hat is based on a secure design, which means Red Hat has extended Linuxs reputation as a secure environment, primarily by buffering overflows integrated in the archetype software stack, smartcard authentication support, and SELinux security. The Red Hat Linux desktop consists of GNOME and KDE, which offer a wide range of features. The KDE desktop for Red Hat (in Figure 1), features a master(prenominal) menu icon at the lower left, which is a red hat. The desktop includes a number of files and folders, depending on what software is installed on the users comp uter. KDE is very similar to the standard Microsoft Windows format for the central desktop, particularly in how the standard option places the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, with a main menu button at the lower left, and desktop icons arranged vertically along the left emplacement of the desktop. KDE uses a file management and web browser called Konqueror, which is a standard setting in Red Hat installations. Lastly, the KDE Control Center window allows for additional customization of the operating system for the user. In contrast, the GNOME desktop for Red Hat Linux (in Figure 2) is slightly different from KDE (McCarty, 2004). The principal dissimilarity is GNOMEs use of Nautilus, which like Konqueror, is the default file manager and browser. Another notable difference is GNOMEs use of a drawer, which is a clickable icon that leads to links to other launchers. GNOME also features a Start hither facility that allows for other kinds of configurations, including changes to peri pheral devices, default applications, themes, GNOMEs appearance, and so on. A Red Hat Linux user is given a choice between the KDE and GNOME desktop interfaces. Beyond the basics of Red Hats desktop and user interface, however, one finds a rich array of tools for a programmer to manipulate and control his or her machine. The Unix shell in Red Hat, like an MS-DOS window, allows the user to execute commands. Again, beyond the desktop and point-and-click interface, the Linux shell is actually more sophisticated. The major elements of the programmer interface

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Reflection On Crime Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Reflection On offensive - Research Paper ExampleVarious crime theories have emerged assuming diverse perspectives ranging from psychological, biological, sociological and correct patterns of interconnected scientific explanations. Criminologists have remained vigilant in discovering innovative points of views that could link outcomes of criminal behavior to their ancestry causes. In this regard, the current reflective paper aims to proffer issues related to three specific topics, to wit (1) the read of crime (2) biological and psychological explanations of crime and finally, (3) deterrence, incapacitation, retribution and rehabilitation. Significant applications related to the issues would be discussed. Likewise, the discourse would verbalise how one can apply what is learned from the topics towards becoming a more valuable member of society. The drive ultimately aims to determine how theoretical concepts learned from the modules would contribute to improving the peace and orde r by deterring crimes in society through an individuals proactive view. The Study of Crime A crime is a conduct forbidden by law for which punishment is prescribed. Thus, the ideas of crime and punishment are intimately connected. To put a crime is to run the risk that punishment will be imposed. Diverse theories have tried and true to explain the origin of criminal behavior. In the article entitled Criminology the study of crime and behavior, Aristotle identified mendicancy as the parent of revolution and crime (Criminology, n.d, par. 1) tracing the explanation to elements in the environment as tributary to the criminal behavior. The same discourse provided different criminology theories that were discussed in the modules, initially detailing the classical theory where the great unwashed choose to behave wrongly when they believe the benefits outweigh the costs (Criminology, n.d, par. 5). Culen & Agnew (2002) have clearly illustrated variables and assumptions for theories of cr ime ranging from strain, routine, strain, tick theories where factors as diverse as the facets of personalities and external influences attempt to provide meaning to their occurrences. Where poverty was identified by Aristotle providing the impetus for sociologists to examine both social and cultural forces that impinge on individuals to commit errant behavior, other(a)wise distinct findings prove genetics and biological factors increase susceptibility to crimes. Theorists like Lombroso and Hoorten seek to find around patterns from individuals personal traits as evidence for stronger links to the occurrence of crime (Criminology, n.d, pars. 22 & 23). Aside from variables, assumptions, factors and the dominant groups of criminologists, psychologists and sociologists reinforcement these criminology theories, the study of crime also encompasses new professionals in the capacity of economists as interested in this playing area of endeavor. The study conducted by Bushway and Reuter (n.d.) emphasized a focus on rational self-seeking behavior and digest of the consequences of interactions among groups of actors that create equilibria in a system (1). This just proves that the study of crimes is indeed a multidisciplinary approach that intrigues professionals from other fields to explain the rationale for their occurrence and existence despite sanctions and punishments prescribed by the legal

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The Impact of Internet Use of Business-to-Business Marketing Research Proposal

The Impact of Internet Use of Business-to-Business Marketing - Research Proposal ExampleThe long storey and practice of people across assorted countries and cultural identities could be very overwhelming in the altercate that it presents to business and advertising individuals who have ambitions to take the extra mile of working a share of consumers and clients from varying localities abroad. immediately the array of possibilities in applying the marketing strategy of international advertising is unimaginable. Instead of taking the technological barriers as hindrance and drawbacks in the international business operations because of the technological divide that cuts across the people from different social status, looking for avenues of more strategic and effective campaigns and treating such drawbacks as opportunities may result to accessible outcomes. A website is better market its services and increases client and customer satisfaction in its aim to gain competitive advantage from competitors as well as sustainable development for the organizations long-term goals. As such, the reveal outlines the (1) contextual analysis of the business organization, (2) its promotional objectives and business positioning, (3) the organizations promotional strategies, (4) the promotional mix of the business, (5) the implementation plan, and (6) the paygrade and control of the its online marketing project.

Childhood Obesity in the United Kingdom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Childhood Obesity in the United terra firma - Essay ExampleThe political relation has noted the ever-increasing trend in childishness. They have hence come up with a policy that forget aid in reversing the trend. In the past 25 years, childishness obesity in the United Kingdom has shown a great increase in the childhood obesity cases. The statistics posit that 33% of the girls between ii to ixteen years are obese, while 25% of the boys within the same age limit waterfall victims too. Most significantly, the condition has led to harmful effects, making the country consume over two jillion pounds in policies formulation and implementation. Additionally, the condition had led to the reduction in life expectancy among children by nine years. The number is even projected to rise. England has the highest cases of obesity compared to the United States of America. The survey conducted shows that Wales and Scotland have remained the leading countries in childhood obesity rates. The ri sing trend has caught the attention of the government. It has declared corporate social responsibility as the last solution to the statistics reduction (Iacobucci, 2014).The study done by Fraser & Edwards (2010), reveals that diverse reasons related to the environment, lifestyle, diet, socioeconomic status, and genetics encapsulates the causes of childhood obesity. The modern environment plays a great role in the determination of child growth. First, the prevalence of advertisements promoting arthritic food consumption has been on rising. Besides, the activities within the child environmental growth area cut hatful physical activity and exercises adoption. Food consumption spearheads the obesity physiology, with consumption of food rich in calories and thoroughgoing(a) fats. Furthermore, with the escalation in the concept of globalization and advanced technology, there is the adoption of a tendency to live inactive lifestyles more time in watching television and computer games.

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Cloud Computing Assignment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Cloud Computing engagement - Research Paper ExampleAccording to a theoretical checkpoint, the terms confuse indicates the abstraction of resources, technology, and its side which are significant in establishing the incorporated infrastructure of computing which comprises of systems, networks, and applications. Most of the information technology experts view the concept of cloud computing as a model instead of technology. According to them, this model is utilise by the customers to plug into the cloud to access IT resources which are priced and provided on-demand. Essenti everyy, IT resources are rented and shared among multiple tenants much as office space, apartments, or storage spaces are used by tenants (David, 2010). The concept of cloud computing is a substitution for the service providing or the data centre through the delivery of an profits connection. At the sanctioned level, the concept of cloud computing relies on shared services and very broad infrastructure converg ence. A very precise definition of the model states that it is a computing system based on the internet technology where the software, platform, infrastructure, devices and other resources are provided by the virtual shared server on pay-as you- use basis. Therefore, all such information which is provided by the digitized system in the model is the cloud computing. These services can be accessed by users with the help of internet cloud even if the users do not have any preceding knowledge on the resource management. Thus, this technology can enable them to focus more on the canonical subscriber line functions and processes instead of wasting time on gaining the knowledge on the resource management of the military control processes. The usage of cloud computing does not require the ownership of any type of infrastructure. In this style they are able to avoid huge expenses. They only use the resources and pay for it and most of the infrastructure of cloud computing comprises of t he services which are built on servers and delivered with the help of common centres. These types of data centres permit the business organizations to introduce their applications and make them more efficient and faster with an ease of maintenance and manageability. Moreover, they also make the randomness Technology able of adjusting the resources quickly in order to meet the varying and uncertain business demands (Luit Infotech, 2012). accounting The fundamental concept of cloud computing originated in the 1960s, with John McCarthy giving his opinion that the concept of reckoning needs to be established as a public utility some day. Then, Douglas Parkhills , in his book, The gainsay of the Computer Utility, published in 1966, thoroughly discovered almost all the advanced features of cloud computing, which include elastic provision, the usage of the private, public, community and government forms and the comparison to the electricity industry. There were other scholars and rese archers too, during 1950s, who worked upon the features, operations and feasibility of the cloud computing model. The real term cloud has been taken from the telephony in the companies of telecommunications, which had continued to exsert the customers point-to-point data circuits until 1990s. Then, they began offering Virtual Private Network (VPN) services which lead the IT

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Scientific Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Scientific focus - Essay ExampleIn the fields of sociology and politics, scientific management can be viewed as the piece of labour shoved to its rational limit, with the resulting oppression of the surveyplace and devaluation of the labourer (Taksa 1992). Although the usefulness of scientific management in the twenty-first century has been largely criticised, some of its premises survive today in several major companies, such as McDonalds, Ford, and Toyota. This paper discusses the extent of the finish of scientific management in the 21st century and how its limitations be turned into something productive. First, a presentation of an everyplaceview of Taylors scientific management is imperative. Frederick Taylor argued that actions rooted in traditional place and established methods should be replaced by accurate processes formulated after thorough analysis of a person at work. Its use is dependent on a strengthened degree of managerial control over the labour practices and work routines of employees (Freeman 1996). According to Drucker (2007), Taylors scientific management, also referred to as Taylorism, is a deviation on the issue of efficacy. Basically, it means that Taylors scientific management is concerned with waste reduction, productivity or efficiency enhancement, and application of scientific methods in choosing what is really important. ... asise the application of economic theories of utility maximisation and efficiency and scientific study to make sure that industry and government functioned to their best abilitywhich was the larger cultural sport of the influence of scientific management on managers in particular. Indeed, Scientific Management is all but a systematic philosophy of worker and work. Altogether it may well be the most powerful as well as the most lasting contribution that America has made to Western thought since the Federalist cover (Maciariello & Linkletter 2011, 384). The words of Maciariello and Linkletter (2011,384) reflect the significant efforts of scientific management scholars contribution to the development of management theory star to its adaptation in the 21st century. The scientific management scholars created the managerial expertise of job design or planning through specialisation and division of labour, and developed the original methods of mass production. They also raised the hold dear of selection and training of employees. They pioneered the use of incentive and compensation packages to enhance work efficiency. They opened up the application of systematic and rational techniques to work out managerial issues (Mullins 2010). Ultimately, they placed emphasis to management as a legitimate area of scientific research. Nevertheless, there are several limitations to be taken into consideration. Primarily, as argued by Nankervis and colleagues (2005), the organised techniques of scientific management have been discovered to have their uses mostly in secure work settings and have less relevance in multifaceted and risk-inclined organisations. Also, they gave a great deal of importance on the alleged economic and rational essence of humans, exaggerating humans need

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Thomas Reid's Position on Common Sense Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

doubting Thomas Reids Position on Common Sense - endeavor ExampleThis was thought to condition human experience and make possible knowledge of moral, religious, and scientific kind. The starting line thinkers were Herbert of Cherbury, as well as Rene Descartes other British representatives were Henry Lee, Claude Buffier, Henry Home, G. Leibniz, and many more (Redekop, 2009, p.407). Thomas Reid is considered a founder of the Scottish School of Common Sense, whose ideas influenced several generations of philosophers well throughout the 19th and twentieth centuries. Rejecting the Theory of ideas, he claimed that it was sensus communis (the term Reid used to describe the common intelligence) that should be perceived as a solid derriere of the philosophical quest. Reids main arguments on common sense rotate around his reaction to the ideas by Hume and Berkeley. Hume believed that a person can never comprehend what the world which is external for him/her consists of, since human know ledge is restricted by the ideas that atomic number 18 present in human mind. Berkeley, in his turn, hold that the external world is just ideas inherent in human mind. Both Berkeley and Hume asserted that a amiable phenomenon exists as perceptions of certain mental objects (Yaffe & Nichols, 2009, online). Contrary to these philosophers, Reid asserted that the foundations of common sense provide a acknowledgment to human belief in the existence of an external world. Reid provided response to the arguments by Hume, both naturalistic and atheistical by devising a set of common sense principles. He saw them as the basis of rational perception of the world and rational thought. To illustrate, any person who commits oneself to a philosophical argument moldiness unconditionally presuppose particular beliefs. The examples are I am speaking to a real person, or the external world does exist under the laws which remain unchanged. Along these claims, more presuppositions can be found, whi ch are all positive, meaningful, and reality-based. In this context, it is worth mentioning that Reid does not see the belief in these principles rightness as something rational. Instead, he asserts that it is occasion that demands that the aforementioned principles act as prerequisites and that it is human mind that inherently produces them. Thus, the question of sanity arises here, which Reid believes leans suffer on his understanding of the common sense functioning. In relation to this, Reid writes, For, before men can reason together, they must agree in starting time principles and it is impossible to reason with a man who has no principles in common with you. (Reid, 1846, p.230). Reid also believed that qualities are to be in (...) Something that is figured, colored, hard or soft, that moves or resists. It is not to these qualities, exclusively to that which is the subject of them, that we give the name body. If any man should think fit to deny that these things are qualiti es, or that they require any subject, I leave him to enjoy his opinion as a man who denies first principles, and is not fit to be reasoned with. (Reid, 1785, p.766) While Reids position on common sense can be well understood through analyzing his criticism of Hume, I would like to briefly specify his ideas regarding Humes understanding of knowledge. As it has already been mentioned, Hume along with Descartes, Locke, and Berkeley developed the ideal theory of human mind, which Reid refuted by offering the positive idea of mind instead. The grounding argument against the theory by Hume is

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Percy bysshe shelley Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Percy bysshe shelley - Research Paper ExampleThe give-and-take becomes easy if a look at his poetic ideas is done first. Shelley is of the opinion that a poet is a righteous teacher. He does not agree that a poet is merely an imitator. At the same time, he asserts that a poet is a creator, who not only creates but also provides ideas to the night club, guides the people, and in a way teaches what should be done to repair ones life. He rejects Thomas Love peacocks remark that a poet is a semi-barbarian. He not only counters this negative remark ab forbidden the poet but also declares that Poets are the unappreciated legislators of the world (Defense). In his essay defending meter, he explains the true role of a poet in his society and states thatPoetry turns all things to loveliness it exalts the beauty of that which is most beautiful, and it adds beauty to that which is most deformed it marries exultation and horror, grief and pleasure, eternity and change it subdues to union under its light yoke all irreconcilable things (Defense). Unlike Keats for whom poetry means beauty, Shelley finds poetry as a form of intellectual beauty. He treats politics, love, and nature on pit scale. He looks sometime melancholic, but his melancholy is closely related to his ideas. Ode to westmost slue can be taken as an ideal poem to study Shelley as a poet and revolutionary. As a poem, it is really remarkable because in it the poet treats everything in nature as an instrument of melody. The poet becomes totally spellbound by the actor of the swerve, the cloud, the sun, the ocean, and all these in nature for him become the right subject for poetry. He is so much exalt that he prays, Be thou, Spirit fierce, / My spirit Be thou me, impetuous one (Ode). The poem deals with the regenerative spot of nature. It praises how everything that is old and dead in nature is driven out to leave space for the birth of newfound and beautiful. In other words, it speaks about the li kely situation in which the world has to exist with everything unwanted and decayed, if innovation does not take place. The poet feels that this unfortunate situation is avoided in nature because of the support of the sweeping powers of west wind Thou, from whose unseen presence the leaves dead/ Are driven, like ghosts from an enchanter fleeing (Ode). It is with similar spirit that the poet wants changes in the political situation in his society. However, he does not possess the sweeping powers seen in the west wind to drive out the old and conventional ideas in his society to pave the way for the new and creative ideas. That is how the poem becomes noteworthy as an example of the poets political perspective. As Sydney Waterloo says, He was a dreamer, but he never dreamed merely for the sake of dreaming he always rushed to translate his dreams into acts (Sydney). Ode to the West Wind shows how Shelley tries to translate his poetical and political dreams into reality. The poem, Ode to the West Wind, is in the form of a prayer. It is addressed to West Wind, and not to any particular God, as Shelley finds in the invisible power in nature what worldly concern generally finds in God. The political idea with which he was obsessed is identified with the power of the wind. Though he tried to impress his philosophical ideas upon the people through many pamphlets he found very poor response coming from the people. So he was disappointed.

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Block's analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Blocks analysis - Essay ExampleInstead, as the service sector has come to contribute a large part of the global income, it has become measurable for organizations to choose the right structure and approach that can create the perfect working atmosphere for its employees. near organizations that exist in the world today be yet to recognize the importance of organizational deportment and remain attached to a culture that centers over control and authority. Even with the increased emphasis on improving relationships, developing inter personal skills and communicative strengths, institutions still tend to rely on focalization their resources towards devising better and efficient strategies, control structures and technology that continue to be perceived as the unmistakable parameters for organizational success. However, businesses fail to understand that the shew working demands an approach that is rational and expect not be tangible and measurable. Issues concerning standards, pr actices, rewards, empowerment and training are issues that assume greater significance in the new epoch of consulting that needs further enhancements and newer approaches as it is still nascent in terms of evolutionary analyses.In the present case, it seems that employees (consultees) have been asked to fill out a survey that is perceived as potentially exacerbating sensible by the top management in the company. as the name suggests, The role of the coordinator for Staff Development in the current scenario is to improve the professional and personal capabilities and efficiency of the employees. However, problems can arise when the role of a adviser is limited to a mere effort that involves analyzing the current situation and suggest a few recommendations that are believed to provide better results. Instead, employees expect to see action whenever any such(prenominal) attempts are made. When surveys aimed at decision out possible inefficiencies are too specific by virtue of concen trating on minute areas of detail, workers need to use extra effort and thought to fill them out. In many such instances, they are credibly the best bet when it comes to highlighting very specific issues that exist within their work domains. Having made such an effort, respondents expect someone to pursue it responsibly and take the necessary action. When they begin to sense that nothing has been do to look into their issues, a general sense of distrust and distaste begins to develop.A staff coordinator is as well as responsible for ensuring transparency at all levels within the organization and ensuring that the management participates in the requisite roles with complete dedication. It is also expected that deliberate displays of power, authority and expertise are done away with in such scenarios. However, as is evident in most organizations today, differences crop up at all levels within a company. For instance, departments sometimes find it difficult to coordinate a task that requires collaboration between several such entities unremarkably involving a distortion of communication and lack of understanding of the role of people in the other departments thereby leading to mutual criticism and lack of respect. In such cases, animosity develops between departments, which may open

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Salaries in football Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Salaries in football - Essay precedentFootball frauds also face the reality of an extremely short career when compared with actors, singers, or even new(prenominal) professional sports. While they are playing their pay depends on the negotiated minimum set by the players union, the players ability, bonuss, and subscribe bonuses.Every player is guaranteed a minimum pay rate, but almost every player exceeds this amount. The dark-green Bay Packers had the lowest median(prenominal) pay rate during the 2007 season, yet all their players exceeded the minimum for a early year player of $285,000. The $285,000 minimum is for a first year player, an amount, which increases, anchord on the number of old age in professional football. In addition, players are salaried for their pre-season workouts and post season games. These extra incentives and bonuses helped bring the median pay of the highest paid Pittsburgh Steelers to over $1,1 million during that same season (USA forthwith, 2009 ). The team salary cap to close to degree limits the amount of funds the team is able to pay players, but some(prenominal) earn in excess of several millions of dollars much(prenominal) as Dwight Freeney of the Indianapolis Colts at $30.75 million (Weisman, 2007). While traditionally quarterbacks present been considered the franchise position and commanded the highest pay, in 2007 only 2 of the top 20 salaries went to quarterbacks (Weisman, 2007). Defensive players can a good deal garner higher sign language bonuses because Freeney and a number of other defensive ends signed new deals as free agents, while quarterbacks rarely get to free agency (Weisman, 2007). Indeed on the Indianapolis Colts, where the highest paid player calls home, the star quarterback Peyton Manning earns just one-third that amount (USA Today, 2009). These incredibly high salaries come from a variety of sources.On top of a base salary are signing bonuses and performance incentives. For example, Dwight Fre eneys base pay is only $750,000, but received a $30 million signing bonus (USA Today 2009). Most signing bonuses are paid out over a number of years to forgo the team to average them out and stay under the salary cap. Many players also negotiate for incentive bonuses based on their level of performance during the season. This may be based on yards gained for a path back or touchdowns for a quarterback. Performance incentives can come in the form of individual or team performance, and performance based incentives are usually a small portion of the players overall pay. For many of the top tier players, the signing bonus is a large portion of their pay. It is also the most respectable portion of their pay as it cannot be lost based on future unpredictable events such as injury or being cut from the team.The player receives their pay through a episode of checks distributed throughout the season. The signing bonus is paid upfront, and the salary is pro-rated throughout the season. Th e player receives a check for one-seventeenth his annually salary each week during then season. At the end of the season the player receives additional money for his performance incentives and post-season play. If the player loses his slot on the roster during the season and is cut from the team, he gets to keep the signing bonus but loses the remainder of the weekly checks. Determining the level of pay for any individual player is a complex system of supply and demand, level of ability, years in the NFL, and the salary cap. Team owners

Why are Underdeveloped Countries Underdeveloped Essay

Why are Underdeveloped Countries Underdeveloped - Essay Ex largeYet phylogenesis lags and some are arguing that the traditional means of attempting to spur education in these places simply does not work. The wisdom of direct relief pay workforcets and loans is being questioned. There appears to be a giving fatigue that is mount in amongst the wealthiest individuals, governments and organizations. The feeling that no amount of money can really spur true development in the poorest nations is disheartening, but real. Some scholars are suggesting that the root causes of the lack of development must first be addressed before real development can take place. The economic geographer Paul Collier suggests that there are four traps that developing nations come about into that keeps them in a perpetual state of underdevelopment and poverty (2007). The paradox of eliminating poverty on the national and personal level then, is much more than complicated as a result of these traps when con sidered individually or collectively. Nations that continue to struggle to meet the most basic demands of their citizens despite ample aid are hampered by conflicts and polished wars corrupt governments, a dependence on natural resources for tax income and unfortunate geographical positioning. Conflict is the first and most prevalent trap that developing nations find themselves facing. civil wars are common among the poorest nations for several reasons. One stems from the fact that in the poorest nations, there is always a political elite that concentrates wealth in the hands of the very few. This disparity, coupled with high unemployment rates among young men creates a situation where individuals view armed conflict as a legitimate means of accomplishing well-disposed justice (Hookway, 2000). Rebels in the Philippines were emboldened after European nations paid large sums of money to free hostages they had taken. Soon, many a(prenominal) were scrambling to join the rebels, not because they were ideologically opposed to the current regime in Manila, but because they wanted to cash in in on kidnapping tourists. As will be discussed later, the wealth of natural resources is also something that spurs conflict. precious metals and minerals are often the target of rebel forces in developing nations. The real purpose of many civil wars in developing nations is for control of embrocate wells or diamond mines. The unequal opportunities for obtaining wealth in the developing world makes armed conflict very attractive to unemployed young men. The costs of warfare are felt for many years after the war is over. Some estimates state that on average, an miserliness shrinks at about 2.3% each year during a civil war (Collier and Hoeffler, 2005). If the conflict continues for a decade, the hoidenish will be 23% poorer than when the strife continued. With economies that grow slowly as a result of underdevelopment, the poorest nations whitethorn be looking at a decade of growth being consumed by the conflict. The propensity of fall back into armed conflict only heightens the effects of conflict on developing nations. A guerilla trap that keeps the poorest nations poor is depending on resource extraction and exports for a large portion of national income. The more diverse the national economy, the more able the economy is to resist recession (Kirk, 1997). Diverse economies have been think to greater political and economic stability. Depending on one commodity, such as oil or gold, is barbaric because it exposes the nation to boom and bust cycles. A good example of this was experienced in Nigeria. The discovery of oil in the Niger Delta was thought to be a great boon to Nigeria. Development activities began in earnest in the 1970

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Maple Ridge Engineering Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Maple Ridge engineer - Case Study ExampleAt present, Maple Ridge is in dire need of the system to put forward information on business solutions. The aim is to ensure that the users are comfortable, not just the developing team. The bother at Maple Ridge is that Staff cannot easily cash in ones chips from one picture to another. At the same season and for the same reason, staff cannot easily superintend the imagings. The company seeks to implement a system that can move staff amidst different projects and monitor the positions of the shared resources. The important feedback in this project is the performance of MRE, compared to the birth and the expectations for future. The project is essential for maple Ridge because the benefits are long lasting and sustainable. It will act like an change framework on which Daniel and Snowden will be able to co-ordinate future projects. The costs are minor, be a once-off payment. After the design of the MRE, the only cost is that of main tenance. The option that can make the project more(prenominal) efficient is to compare it to the already existing successful projects of similar nature, notice how resources are shared, how staff members monitor projects and the methods of delivering feedback. This in fact is the objective. Maple Ridge Engineering has various entities and systems working differently from each other. The desire of Snowden is to coalesce the systems to GEMS. 2. Objectives The project has three main objectives within Maple Ridge To develop a sustainable relationship between staff members and the projects within the nerve To provide the management of with transparency about the on going projects, the resource utilization framework and information sharing. To provide necessary support to the staff by encouraging utmost use of the online resources and optimization of the system The principal goal of the desired MRE system is to perform the task of project tracking as fountainhead as management. This s econd goal is to improve the efficiency and output of the hot integrated GEMS system to create more accurate estimate for the project resource requirement across all departments in the industry. With a proper integration of the system, the GEMS system is expected to support the movement of the organization staff members from one department of MRE to another and to a fault across the different units. While managing the movement, it will also be facilitating resource utilization and sharing. This is where the time recording functionality comes to play a vital role. All the expectations in the previously proposed system raise issues that require a lot of improvement in the organisational structure and the feed of data and processes. As is evident on the Hypercase website, the main agenda is Maple Ridge. The information and instructions on the website is unbent forward providing massive support information about Maple Ridge on the website. Theoretically, the different entities of th e MRE function well through the integration. They desired state is that they should be able to share resources equally. A detailed

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Modern Information Technology Impacts Our Everyday Lives Essay Example for Free

unexampled Information Technology Impacts Our Every twenty-four hours Lives Es verifyOver the past 20 years, the world as we kip down has changed drastically. We gull moved from a world that was bound by wires and copper cabling to a world that offers whatever bit of information you want with the touch of a glass screen from a device that fits in your pockets. In this same period of sequence, shopping used to involve planning a trip to a brick and motor store and hope they had the product you were looking for, and at the price you wanted to pay. If you lived in a small market, you didnt have the choices to semblance shop untested(prenominal) stores. In todays age, a consumer lav shop from the comfort of their home, and obtain exactly the near product at exactly the right price. With a click of a mouse and a charge of a credit card, the product provide be rushed to the consumers house with little to no effort for them. Large retailers like Amazon.com preempt have a p roduct delivered to a consumer by as early as the next dayThis type of convenience has changed our daily ways in umpteen ways, both positive and negative. For example, mass earth-closet communicate with each other miles apart from their computers and modishness ph one and only(a)s via telecommunicate and school texting. magic spell some may say this is good thing that allowing distant relatives and fri discontinues quick and simplistic communication with pop out worrying about distance, others would say that email and texting simply takes a lot of the personal touch from the conversation. With retailers moving their sales online, some hoi polloi study that the personal touch of being adapted to talk to someone directly about the product may detract from the experience. Positive Impacts of Modern TechnologyWe should begin looking at the positive impacts that this new applied science has on our daily lives. Technology is evolving very quickly, and some cadences consumers have a hard time memory up with the latest trends, but the impacts argon made every day to help improve our lives. Whether we argon using computers to communicate by characterisation conferencing with friends and family in another country, or ordering the latest blight Potter book to be instantly delivered to our Kindles, these technologies be enriching our lives.As retailers move to the web, consumers are able to comparison shop many different sellers with the click of a mouse. There are in like manner dedicated websites out there that allow a consumer to instantly search for a product from hundreds of sellers, and then find the one that has the lowest price and best shipping. On top of this, the internet provides a way for consumers to query the products they are buying. We can look up reviews from other buyers to see if the product lives up to manufacturers claims. When a consumer decides what and where they will buy, they can have the product whisked away from the distri bution center and be delivered on their doorstep by the end of the next day, all from the computer of their home.With the massive explosion of affable media sites, people are able to find and communicate with their long lost friends and family all from a central location. We can share photos, send messages, and gibber in real time with our connections.Although the entertainment industry has been slow to adopt the new technologies in business concern of losing money to pirates, we have seen a Brobdingnagian growth of online video. Consumers are able to find and watch their positron emission tomography shows whenever and wherever they like. Television sets are now shipping with built in internet connectivity to allow purchasers to advance the internet to watch videos and share photos with one another. Companies like Netflix and Hulu have embraced online streaming and are offering thousands of hours of online video for a very low monthly subscription. These services are not limit ed to just televisions either. Computers, smart phones, and tablets are all easily able to access this same content for on-the-go watching.Online gaming has become huge in the past hardly a(prenominal) years as well. People can play against each other in massive online role playing games much(prenominal) as World of Warcraft, and rase console makers such as Microsoft and Sony have enabled their gaming consoles for online play. This brings the world together as a playing field and we are no bimestrial constrained by our living room when it comes to finding new opponents.With the help of Google, people are now able to research topics in record time. With a few keystrokes, users are able to find information on any topic under the sun. Online search engines allow us to research the worlds libraries and other research facilities. We are also able to scour the web for information. This makes pupil homework much simpler and faster, and allows them to learn more information quicker.Dat a organization has also become a simpler task thanks to modern technology. Companies can store their entire repository of data onto a simple database server. They can query this server for any bit of information they need within a few seconds. Not only beneficial for companies, home users are able to store their personal documents and photos securely on their PCs as well as in an off-site cloud and not have any fear of losing this information when a natural disaster occurs. Negative Impacts of Modern TechnologyWhile there are many positive impacts on todays society, there are also many negatives that are introduces as well. Many would argue that there are jobs being lost because of this new technology. Automated and robotic systems have taken the place of humans in the work force. With retailers moving their sales operations online, they no longer need the support staff for their brick and motor stores. Many stores are not able to keep up with the low prices from the mega-retailers online, so they are forced to close down.With the influx of social media as our main communication medium, some think that we have lost the personal touch of spending time with our close friends and family in favor of sitting behind our computers online. People that are only using social media as their main form of communication could lose the ability to interact physically with one another. The many distractions of email notifications and incoming text messages have also become a detractor. People no longer consider it rude to stop in the middle of a conversation to respond to a text message that has just come in to their phone. This could lead to low levels of concentration. At the same time, malicious people have found easy ways to target those that are online. With the vast amount of spam email and harmful virus spreading around the world, more and more people are becoming unprotected to attack.Another negative impact is the illegal use of technology for gambling and other addi cting habits. Online gambling sites take out millions of people per day and can completely consume those with weak will power, leading to distressed families and monetary means. Underground websites also harbor criminalist activities as well. Pornography and child pornography are trafficked daily on the internet, and the sheer magnitude of the web makes it hard for authorities to track down and eliminate. There are even websites such as TheSilkRoad that sell illegal drugs in the same fashion as Amazon sells formula goods In SummaryAlthough we cannot stop the negative effects from this new technology, we shouldnt fear it. Learning to fleck the potential positive impacts this new technology can bring to our lives while at the same time recognizing the potential threats we will be better able to adapt to them and take advantages and enrichments they bring to our daily lives.

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The Story of My Love Essay Example for Free

The Story of My Love EssayLove is a crazy, strange, yet enticing game. many a(prenominal) think that they will never f each in t surface ensemble into its captivating lure I am one of these people. If well-nighbody had told me arse in April, when Aingeal and I were officially introduced that he would later become my Fiance, I would have laughed at the mere thought. Its quite funny how life works. We have had our share of problems moreover I never would have thought I would lose him so soon. Shortly before finishing the last of my college classes, the yet thing keeping me from being a free woman was my Externship and graduation. It was happily a time at a time in my life where things finally seemed to go the way I planned. My very close circle of conversances consisted of quaternion people, my childhood friend Jen, my unofficial sister Tracy (who stayed at my house during senior year), and Aingeal who was a dear friend of Jen who also happened to be Tracys good friend. Every Thurs twenty-four hour period, from that first day hind end in April, when Aingeal and I were first introduced, till the end of the year, the four of us (Jen, Tracy, Aingeal, and I) would meet at Old Country cut after classes to sit and talk nearly all aspects of our lives. We became so close that the four of us could non part.We adopted the funny name The Pretty Eyes Club simply because we all had pretty formula it was fun how we acted so exclusive. We also had a special place that even in the cold baleful of winter we would could run to just to relax in this beautiful gazebo overlooking the town. I managed to ascertain a job for him with me later in the year. Working together and having the same classes allowed the perfect opportunity for a very close and intimate friendship. As life continued on, Aingeal and I became much closer. Eternship and graduation were promptly approaching and up until this point, I never looked at Aingeal as anything much more than just a f riend. We were invited to a party for Graduation. He and I arrived at the party with different friends, however that iniquity multifariousnessd things completely. later the party, both of our dates scampered home. on that point was an after-hours party being thrown that we real wanted to go to.The missy throwing the party was Sally. Her family was renting out a hotel room and they were known for throwing the most amazing parties their room was our destination. There was a shuttle bus driving people from the party to Sallys house. I recant Aingeal and me quietly sitting near each other taking random pictures of our friends and just talking about how the night was going. I was noticing a bond developing it was scary but amazing how much we really had in common. Arriving at the party it was obvious that we both wanted absolutely nothing to do with anyone else but ourselves. We sat out on the porch just gazing at the stars. That nice night was the very first night that he kissed me. We acted as if nothing happened and simply considered it to be a one-time thing. There was an entire week fault between externship and graduation, I recall only one time that we talked about that kiss. Are you upset with me? I inquired very timidly, he knew precisely what I was speaking about.Not at all. He responded with such a look that I am sure that I will never forget a look that said are you kidding me? his eyes said everything, this was just the beginning. Graduation was next up on the list. It was a very exciting day and Aingeal was by my side the whole time. Things were really going well. There was a graduation party the following day. We were sure to bring tents and have them set up in the back yard. I bought a small tent and Aingeal came over a couple of times to get some practice setting it up. I will never forget the time we fell asleep in it behind the house in my backyard my grandmother thought that we were insane. We had just left work, the tent was laying in m y backseat and finally it was time to go to the party.We pulled up to the house and the tantalizing smell of delicious food and the healthy of music were coming from the backyard. Somehow, we both knew it was going to be a special night. We got the tent set up and just had a wonderful time. That special night our relationship took yet another turn for the better. jubilantly by the time morning rolled around we were slowly walking to my car holding mountains. It was not until almost mid-month when we finally made the decision to officially go out, it was shortly after I returned back from my job interview. We spent the entire summer working fourteen-hour shifts at work, relaxing in the pools on our days off lying under the stars late at night, and watching movies whenever we wanted. Between you and me, Aingeal and I caused a shriek to break out at a concert one time. We accidently knocked over the police, and lead thousands over barricades and finished a stadium. We went to Do rney Park whenever we could, no matter how much I begged him he would still never go with me on a rollercoaster. Jen and Tracy were with us through it all.It was such a wild time, an amazing warm summer with two of the most important beloved people in the whole world. That gazebo at our cloak-and-dagger spot was the very place that Aingeal got the courage to kneel down on one knee and constitute to me, the orange and pink sunset and the sweet smell of the flowers on the breeze forever locked this memory in my head where it never will be forgotten. Sadly, we all knew that the summer was going to end soon, and with that, we are all going our own way. I was going off to Atlantic City, Aingeal was thinking of going to upstate unseasoned York, Tracy was going to Peru, and Jen was going on vacation to Italy. We all slowly muzzy touch over that summer. I make it a point to talk to them all now more than ever. Sadly the last day of summer fun came. I picked up my last check from work an d in the parking lot, we all said we love each other and then we said our goodbyes.There were a lot of divide I recall that as being the only time I ever saw Aingeal cry. I knew that there was no way I could comfort him which means, our entire relationship was about to completely change and we both knew it. I sat in the car and all I could do is cry. I cried for all the memories that made my life all the more livable, cried for the expected periods of separation that we would both experience, cried for so many things that day, but I mostly cried because I was leaving the only life that I had worked so hard for long time to build. It just felt like it was all shattered to the ground in the course of one day. As I pulled out of that lot and looked in my rearview mirror one last time, I knew that he was and then the man I loved. From that day forward, I would see him once every three months only if I was lucky to even get that.Eventually our dreams hit hard with the all too painful h and of which we call reality. We realized we were seeing less of each other and living completely separate lives. It was not going to work at that time, and it killed me to admit it. We wound up breaking up after a perfect one-year relationship, with that went all of our dreams and hopes of a life together, and our dreams of raising our own family. We were already picking out names for our child Isabella Maria Nurena. On the day we separated, I am sure we both lost a tender part of ourselves, something that no amount of time could ever heal. Now all that remain are the memories and dreams, dreams of the future and memories I wished for from my ideal past.

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The Code of Ethics for Nurses Essay Example for Free

The Code of morality for Nurses EssayThis paper discusses the code of ethics of nurses. The nurses are sometimes found in very contend situations that call for proper decision making. The take onion taken should not be against this code of ethics. Nurses are maneuver by a set of laws that are meant to assist them in their duties to offer medical services and at the same time satisfy their patients requirements. The code of ethics for the nurses rejects any attempt to answer activities that are contrary to the patients rights. These include the right to life, to self esteem and the right to deferential treatment (International Council of Nurses, 2006).In the case study situation the surgeon made a wrong recommendation for the patient. Mr. B was wrongfully scheduled for a tumor resection procedure yet the most appropriate line of merchandise of treatment for him was a palliative treatment or confine intervention. Subjecting the patient to a tumor resection was an act that subjected the aged patient to a higher risk of postoperative recovery (Strang, Strang, Hultborn, Arner, 2004).With the problem of bed pose the patient deserved to be treated equally with new(prenominal) patients despite his age, the health condition and his limited chances of survival. The human rights stipulate clearly that the life of one individual is equally important as the other and therefore should not be undermined (Tschudin, 2003). The nurses should have acted by the principle of the commencement ceremony patient to be admitted the first to be served and in that situation the other patients younger than Mr. B should have been directed to other facilities. By all ethical standards, nurses should always value the lives of their patients regardless of the situation since all the lives are precious and none can be substituted for another one.

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The Integrative Nature of Psychology and Music Essay Example for Free

The Integrative record of Psychology and Music EssayCreativity, while it is recognized and rankd by many, means contrary things to different people. Artists, musicians, and poets atomic number 18 considered to be creative individuals because their products are creative. Art sues are valued for their novelty, beauty, uniqueness, and a troops of other qualities that are considered to reflect creativity. Scientists who discover a new medicine or cure are considered creative. Young children who have created a finger painting or a poem are praised for their creativity. a lot proud parents will even excuse perverse behavior traits in their offspring by saying, he is just being creative. Creativity is a p device of everyday life as frequently as eating is. However, creativity is a concept that is difficult to define with specific measures and parameters. For the purposes of this discussion, the author provides theories on creativity in terms of psychological concepts. Freuds ( 1952) psychoanalytic technique seems to be the prerogatives of art. The creation of a importee for a patients random acts resembles literary creation. In two psychiatric version and artistic creativity means does not emerge fully clothed out of the raw stuff of incident and language. Rather, from a first experience significance is gradually inferred and elaborated by a cultivate of free association. What links psychoanalysis and creativity is the notion of emblematical function. Ricouer (1970) speaks of the symbolic function as meaning something other than what is said and therefore he defines a symbol as a double meaning linguistic expression that requires an interpretation (p. 9). An interpretation is seen as a achievement of understanding that aims at deciphering symbols. psychoanalysis is first and foremost a form of interpretation, hermeneutic that arrives at an understanding of the facts of mental life by regarding both romances and neurotic symptoms as symbols to be analyzed. Freuds interpretation of dreams reveals the dynamics of the mental processes, the strategies of mans deepest desires and instincts, and provides the paradigm for the analysis of all mens cultural activities (Ricoeur, 1970, p. 162). For Freud the dream symbolism is not further unmatchable device of the dreamwork that rather provides the dreamwork with the material for condensation, displacement and dramatization. These devices then, are all methods of disguise wear the unconscious symbolic meaning. This universal symbolism is not limited to dreams, but is to be found in fairy-tales, myths, legends, folklore, and also underlies all art, including music. According to Dalhaus (1978), imperative music is historically rooted in the idea of an tremendous sublime, in the idea that music expresses that words are not even capable of stammering (p. 63). As a performer, composing or listening to some Western music is an experience of the sublime. As with Freuds dream symbolism, every music symbolizes something that requires interpretation. Music, through which some of feelings of the musicians are expresses, is essentially a system of symbols. Each symbol is equivalent to an event or an object when these symbols are put together they give us a kind of an interpretation of the world.According to Langer (1957), the world of sentiments and emotions could also be expressed in a symbolic manner. Music is, therefore, an alternative means of symbolic expression. Elements of music, just as with dreams, do not contain in themselves fixed references to things, but rather a flexible system of symbols capable of expressing various complex feelings. done music, a composer can express ambivalent and contradictory feelings simultaneously. With dreams which, as Freud explains, are disguised fulfillment of oppress wishes or desires of the dreamer. Since the instincts hide themselves in dreams, interpretation is necessary to reveal them. The similar(p) thing is true wit h music. To decorate this, Kivy (1991) Bachs Prelude in C Minor from the first book of the Well-Tempered Clavier. In referring to this valet de chambre he gives an autumnal interpretation, the rustling sixteenth-notes figure, in both the right and left hands, that pervades the entire piece, represents the rustling of the juiceless autumn leaves in the cold October wind (p. 206-207). What is relevant is the meaning of the listener fins departing from musical theater experience and musical analysis. Or at least that is what the listener thinks he does. Perhaps this is the point which Kivy describes when the listener who obtains pleasure from absolute music without needing free associations. On the most basic level, the interpretation of art is analogous to the interpretation of dreams, for art is based on the same universal symbolism of the unconscious. The first assumption of a Freudian artistic then is that it is possible to analyze a work of art in order to reveal its transcen dental motivations in the same way as we unlock the secrets of the dream. Weiss has extended and placed more emphasis on Freuds analysis of the condensation of psychic energy that gives a minimum of pleasure in wit, and sight that the spectator gets pleasure, at least in regarding a painting, from deuce kinds of perceptual economies, one quantitative and one qualitative. The pleasure of perceptual economy which form affords is the pleasure of overcoming repression of archaic visual modes by sharing in the artists childish and primitive visualization (Shapiro, 1966). However, this pleasure does have the more noteworthy sum of contributing, in the form of a bonus, to the erotic, aggressive and cynical tendencies of the mind. That is, the technique of wit, the use of puns, strange and funny combinations and the like, seduces us to enjoy those sadistic or obscene tendencies whose expression would repel us if it were not combined with the skillful technical creation of the joke itself . In the same way, all the aesthetical pleasure we gain from the work of the imaginative writer is of the same type as this forepleasure. Therefore, the true enjoyment of art proceeds from the emerge of unconscious tensions in our minds. According to Freud (1958),the capacity of certain art forms to express and elicit emotions directly, that is, without reference to representational or symbolic images of drive related objects. This is expressed in the idea that art forms are isometric line with the forms of feeling and mood. (p. 11)According to this view, significant content could include those art elements and forms capable of effecting instinctual discharge through the comparatively immediate arousal of affective states. This seems to be particularly true of music. The question whether is it the work or the emotions the work arouses in us that conveys the powerful meaning of music by saying that our emotions by themselves are the pass of our interaction with the music. They a re the byproduct of the musical experience. Music seems to create analogous emotions and furthermore a similar meaning for different people. People can all have different ways to express our inbred feelings and meanings of the music but at the same time relate to an object that has its own characteristics.Another such psychological concept is the psychology of perception. The most influential theory of perception in the first one-half of the twentieth century was developed by the gestalt psychologists Kohler and Koffka. In a series of experiments, they were able to demonstrate that entire in the process of seeing is a natural tendency to bisect the visual field into two distinct areas, a significant figure and an insignificant ground. They also maintained that it is impossible to hold deep down a single sweep of fantasy figure and ground simultaneously, focusing on one mechanically excludes the other. Even when perceiving the famous Rubin profiles, a series of draw whose mea ning is ambiguous because figure and ground are equally significant, attention is forced to centre on every the figure, so that a certain diagram will appear as the outline of two vases, or on the ground, in which case the same diagram appears as two faces in profile. The apparent ambiguity in these visual counterchanges arises from the fact that either the figure or ground represents a coherent object but attention cannot perceive both meaning at the same time. This mutually exclusive, either-or structure of attention is found in aural phenomena as well, particularly in the perception of music in which a clear melodic line is tell apart from the harmonic matrix of chords in which it is situated. Finally, the significant figures or forms spotlighted by attention tend to possess the properties of simplicity, wholeness, and cohesiveness while at the same time eliminating any vague, incoherent or inarticulate structures from our perception (Ehrenzweig, 1965). by the study of philoso phers, theorists, and musicians, aesthetics is no longer simply a theory of nice feelings (as Hegel put it) but a complex philosophy of art it involves interpretation, criticism and reflection upon works of art. A work of art, such as a symphony, has an existence, a history and a place that constitute it as the object of the aesthetic experience. Having said that, psychoanalysis presents a new way of looking at things not only at music or art. It is in this way the departure point for an aesthetic revolution, in the sense of a new treatment of what we hear (and see) in the world. Musical works have represented an enormous value for each culture. In psychoanalytic terms we can say that music generates a jouissance, which for many musicians and non-musicians alike becomes on occasion an experience of the sublime.ReferencesDalhaus, C. (1978). The idea of absolute music. Chicago University of Chicago Press.Ehrenzweig, A. (1965). The psychoanalysis of artistic vision and hearing. London .Freud, S. (1952). A general introduction to psychoanalysis. New York.Freud, S. (1958). The Moses of Michelangelo. In S. Freud (Ed.), On creativity and the unconscious. New York.Kivy, P. P. (1991). Sound and semblance. Cornell University Press.Langer, S. (1957). ism in a new key. Cambridge Harvard University Press.Ricoeur, P. (1970). Freud and philosophy. New Haven.Shapiro, M. (1966). Leonardo and Freud An art historical study. Journal of the History of Ideas, 17(2).

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Addiction in Adults and Its Effects on Their Children Essay Example for Free

Addiction in prominents and Its Effects on Their Children EssayWhen idea rough do drugs addiction in adults, one often thinks about and wonders how and when an adult starts or becomes habituated to drugs. Studies waste shown that people who squander become addicted to drugs from various ca utilizations of society. Daily stress of everyday life, slightly people argon forced to start drugs in certain situations, the process and life of a person relations with drug addiction during pregnancy, the use of drugs during pregnancy, and the effects of drug use during pregnancy just to conjure up a few. See more(prenominal) Foot Binding In China essayAccording to Authors Lawrence Robinson, Melinda Smith, M. A. , and Joanna Saisan, M. S. W. live updated January 2012, Many first try drugs out of curiosity, to have a good time, because friends are doing it, or in an effort to improve athletic performance or ease an otherwise problem such as stress, anxiety, or depression. Drug a buse and addiction is less about the amount of substance consumed or the frequency, and more to do with the consequences of drug use.No matter how often or how little youre consuming, if your drug use is causing problems in your lifeat draw, school, home, or in your relationshipsyou likely have a drug abuse or addiction problem. Drug addiction oversteps adult down the road of consequences, which such consequences could drop dead to pregnancy and childbirth. Some addicts may try to clean up during pregnancy however in that respect are plenty of people addicted to drugs so bad that it consumes their mind. Society has to take in account that there have been studies done on the effects of a parent addicted to drugs raising children.One brush aside find facts that have found that there are parents that are considered functioning drug addicts. Some drug addicted parents are not involved in their childrens life. Now this leads society to wonder about some of the effects that the chil d may experience. Some children may have serious or several(prenominal) health issues when they are born addicted to drugs. Experts have to a fault shown that some children may not have a medical issue but may experience mental and emotional issues at the selfsame(prenominal) time.According to Lisa Levin, student of psychology, the University of Umea, Sweden, under guidance by Gunborg Palme, certified psychologist, certified psychotherapist, teacher and tutor in psychotherapy, The Ameri goat psychologist Janet G. Woititz was one of the first who paid real attention to the situation for adult children of addicts, with her book Adult Children of Alcoholics. In this book, she elucidated various characteristics that she found in many of these adult children. Drug ddiction in adults tush lead to a world of destruction for both the parents and children. Children can be removed from the home and placed in foster care.Some measure these children experience terrible situations such as mol estation and abuse. However, in other band where some drug addicted adults willing give their children up to family members to rise. At times some of these children can lead down the passageway of drugs as well. It is being proven that some kids born addicted to drugs have in any case done drugs as a teenager and adult.In cases children will scour sell drugs, work in adult clubs and entertainment, participate in prostitution, and even have children at early ages. But chill out one can find some of these children also can have a successful flooring and go down a completely different path, such as success, college, financial stability, or even religious background. The individual is the one that makes the choice on what path they will take in life. Lisa Levin also stated, Children of addicts are more likely to develop their own substance abuse and social behavior problems than other children.According to certain researchers, the risk is twice as high, while others estimate the r isk to be 4-9 times higher. Personal thoughts on drug addiction in adults and the effects it has on their children would have to be so many that run through my head. I believe that children have the chose to make two options in their lives. Since dealing with family members who were and are addicted to drugs and their children have graduate from college, work a good job which pays good money, are married and have a family.I have at the same token had cousins that have also been addicted to drugs, prostitution, selling drugs, end up in jail, and have even died following the wrong path in their life. We all have to be responsible for ourselves and live life accordingly. I dont believe that all children have bad effects of drug addicted parents. I believe they can choose to live a better life and change their situation for the better. One must continuously find the confidence, drive, and determination to want to make their life what they desire. When being a witness to both sides of the fence, stroke is up in the air for now.

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Duke Ellington Essay Example for Free

Duke Ellington EssayDuke Ellington was born on April 29, 1899 in Washington, D. C. Ellington was an influential American jazz composer, pianist, and bandleader. His popularity grew leaps and bounds after his death. The nickname Duke was given to him by a childhood friend who admired his regal demeanour. The name caught on with audiences and he became famous for instrumental combinations, improvisation, and jazz. He started studying keyboard at the age of seven and by seventeen he had made a schoolmaster debut.His move to New York City in 1923 brought him one step closer to his worldwide success and acquaintance years later. Ellington and his band played for everyone from Queen Elizabeth II to President Nixon and teamed up with greats such as Miles Davis, nag Calloway, Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett and Louis Armstrong. His achievements include his honorary doctorate from Howard and Yale University. He was also a member of the American imbed of Arts and Letter s.He was elected as the first jazz musician member of the Royal symphony Academy in Stockholm and won and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in America. In step-up to this, he was awarded the Legion of Honor by the French Government. He became one of the most well-kn admit African-American celebrities of the twentieth century. While recording with record companies he also appeared in several films. Ellington also united the Alpha Phi Alpha, the first black Greek letter fraternity. The suave and witty Ellington described his musical trend as American music rather than just jazz.Some very impressive musicians served in his orchestra and remained with the organizations for some(prenominal) years. Although, many of them were noneworthy in their own right but it was Ellingtons creativity and musical brilliancy that made them into one of the best orchestral units in the history of sleep with. Some of his major compositions include clime Indigo, Sophisticated Lady, Satin Doll, Do N othing Til You Hear From Me and I Let a Song Go bug out Of My Heart. His music had the ability to change style, adapt and grow within each era.An example of this is The Hot Jazz of the 1920s which changed into the Swing music in the 1930s. This is one of the major reasons why the Ellington Orchestra was able to hold its own for so many years. When Jazz music became increasingly popular in America, Ellington spontaneously improvised his primary themes to more creative orchestration while uniquely combining tone quality. He innovated his music on the way by carefully attending to structure and balance within his jazz arrangements at the aforesaid(prenominal) time allowing for solo improvisations.He had an ability to create fresh sound by drawing instruments from contrary sections of the band and voicing them together as a unit. Piano players like James P. Johnson and Willie The Lion metalworker influenced his incredible piano technique. He died on May, 24 1974, in New York City. Ellington will be ceaselessly remembered as an ambassador of American music and culture for his enormous contributions to American music. Jazz music could not have developed in America without Ellingtons efforts. His estimated two thousand compositions, arrangements, and collaborations continue to move heap worldwide.WORKS CITED Duke Ellington. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 7 Feb 2007, 2116 UTC. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 7 Feb 2007 http//en. wikipedia. org/w/index. php? title=Duke_Ellingtonoldid=106404877. Edward K. (Duke) Ellington. G. Shimmer Inc. April 2002. http//www. schirmer. com/default. aspx? TabId=2419State_2872=2ComposerId_2872=2311 A Centennial Tribute to Duke Ellington. Howard University Library. 28 June 1999. http//www. founders. howard. edu/ellington/default. htm

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Lonrho Plc Essay Example for Free

Lonrho Plc EssayAn evaluation of Lonrhos corporal strategy should start from the two briny key issues in what businesses the firm should compete and how corporate headquarter should manage those businesses. Lonrhos profile in 1996 included Agriculture, Sugar, General Trade, Hotels, Manufacturing, MiningRefining and MotorEquipment. The level of diversification was clearly amply and the firm was pursuing a un connect strategy, with less than 70% of revenues that came from the dominant business (Mining ) and without common relate between businesses. The corporation was divided into country groups or related business lines and each division had a top manager whose responsibilities were similar to those of a group CEO. So the headquarter control of these groups was not very ball and all important decisions were in the hands of Rowland, that used to follow his strategies without consulting the board. little Rowland wasnt a unclouded manager but an entrepreneur interested in doing deals, so he made no efforts to manage activities or to transfer core competences between different areas. The main interest was to find undervalued assets and try to throw a trend them profitable.Hence we can easily analyse the operational relatedness, since the firm didnt share either firsthand or support activities. Corporate relatedness needs a deeper analysis. All these businesses seem to be related by Rowlands huge experience in conducting affairs and by his effective skill in make relationships with African leaders, pursuing the policy of investment in people. But no more corporate-level competences were transferred among Lonrhos assets, maybe because businesses were too different and little did not want to move key people into pertly management positions.So from these evaluations, the natural conclusion is that Lonrhos corporate strategy is an unrelated diversification. In my doctrine the corporate level strategy in itself was good (exhibit 1 and 2 high revenues unti l 1991), but the way in which Rowland managed it was totally wrong. The main strength in its extreme diversification, was the reduction of the risk among the firms businesses. However, this is not enough to make the evaluation positive because there were also several negative aspects. start with corporate governance, the first big problem was the lack of power by boards members Tiny surrounded himself with yes-men and he, not the board, decided what to do in case of critical issues. So the entire gather was managed by a man who used to define himself as an entrepreneur and not a manager. anyways the level of control was low, if we consider that Lonrho was a big and really complex company. Moreover, and here we puzzle the wink big problem, among Tinys investments, several ones defected in economic rationality.For instance, he became interested in dirty money investments, still to gain prestige (that the company couldnt exploit primly because corporate relatedness was low) alth ough they may have been loss do. Finally, the firm was facing huge cash flow problems, due to large headquarters payroll, an incompetent dividend policy and Rowlands excessive lifestyle. All these issues contributed to destroy the level of revenues and profits over the years and conducted to the only practicable way an internal restructuring of assets.What future direction(s) should Lonrho take in terms of its corporate-level strategy? The two main options that Lonrho has for come out to the crisis are move in the direction of focusing the business, or continue as a conglomerate. Most important, the company must immediately start a corporate restructuring strategy. The main propose should be the limitation of losses, instead of the value and profitability creation. Lonrho could pursue this restructuring strategy some(prenominal) in related business lines and in country groups.For related business lines, hotel and general trade segments were cyclical, capital intensive and they w ere playing below average, so the firm should try to sell its remaining assets to early(a) companies. Regarding country groups, exhibit 2 shows that in United Kingdom, Europe and America, Lonrho was not doing well, so the board should find a way to render these areas. With this easier structure, now the firm has to take a definite position. i) A business focusing means that Lonrho leave behind concentrate only on one of the three businesses left.Sugar represented 6% of Lonrho revenues and 18% of in operation(p) profit in 1996, and despite low production costs and an access to a favourable tittup of markets, this seems the most suitable for being abandoned, just because is the smallest asset in the companys portfolio. Lonrho Africa is diversified both geographically and in business lines. With an operating profit of ? 52 millions, is a valuable segment, but with Tiny no longer in the picture, Lonrho do not have a real Africa specialist.Finally the mine segment is the most impo rtant asset for the firm, because represented 22% of 1996 revenue and 41% of operating profit. In my opinion, if the company has to make a choice, this could be the right market to sustain. Some investments are required for Ashanti goldfields in Ghana and to improve the export capacity of Duiker mining subsidiary in South Africa. However, if Lonrho leave alone be focused only on this business I think that it will have the types and levels of resources and capabilities needed. heretofore I do not think that this corporate strategy is the best. This strategy is mainly concerned with making choices among the last two alternatives. So the corporation would be constrained to relinquish the enormous promise of African continent, or the 41% of mining profit if it chooses to focus in Lonrho Africa. ii) The firm can continue as a conglomerate but for the reason said above, also in this case Lonrho should leave the incision market. Now we have two businesses left and I would like to make a comparison with the capital of Massachusetts Consulting Group chart.With this corporate strategy, the firm could use mining as a cash cow market, try to exploit the high percentage of the revenues that comes from the asset. Than it can use this cash flow in Lonrho Africa, a proper star market, with its enormous promise but also with a lot of investments needed. So with its management expertise, proficient skills and a respected name, mixed with new financial resources, Lonrho could undertake some projects in Africa that few other firms could. I think that these are the right actions that the firm should take in term of corporate strategy.

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Reflective Journal Essay Example for Free

Reflective Journal EssayIn our daily lives, we usually encounter statistics and deals with its essential terms. It is a branch of mathematics that deals with the collection, organization, and analytic thinking of numerical data and with such fusss as experiment design and ratiocination making. A step by step approach with the aim to equip every student with its decisive information that is require to extend throughout the academic days with no limitation and the range should be meet in order to steadfast ones knowledge on bill matter, that presently will evolve to new a serious way of solving a certain problem on assembling such data and interpreting above information. Throughout this course we can mark descriptive statistics from an inferential statistics. We are also knowledgeable about the sources of data which is relevant in collecting and interpreting information.This program of study established an accuracy, critical thinking as well as an analysis in every student which undergo this subject, it also provide profound discipline in the undercoat of what we have gather should be true according from the test and observation, letting students to learn and make a hypothesis within certain problem. Bridging one idea to a new state of portion in the aim to make sense and find critical value which is vital in the study of measurement and probability. Formula serves as a guide for every learner who is in the middle of their state of mind. It has whacking impart in getting the summation and deviation which is require in continuing standards that is indeed needed in this course, it also brings the learner to a religious flow of a formula which is must be done in accordance with its rule.Terms or Terminology take place to instruct its meat with its valuable method, a method that should be follows according to what explanation being expressed in a sentence or by words in order to get exact value which is unknown. Biostatistics plays an substantial rol e for every company, advertisement, education, sciences, astronomy and in the field of medicine but also for every psyche who continue to contend statistics with its meaningful idea that we can assert to a decision making. Thus, statistic develop case-by-case by its words, formula and discipline which is one of its vital role in order to be a success man. This is not easy to deal with but if you focus and believe there will be a confidence to have a good and vital relationship with this subject STATISTICS.

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Family issues becoming social problems Essay Example for Free

Family issues becoming social problems EssayFamily, as what sociologists address, is a social institution. Families atomic number 18 influence by the family members personality. Individual members affect their relationship that is greatly influenced by experience. Families are also affected with the former(a) social institution in the society like law, religion and education. Thus, families are subject to changes whether these changes gave advant be ons and disadvantages, the family has to cope up and puff adjustwork forcets. Failure to do so will affect society and social problems might arise. This lift and turns have been quite evident as the time passes by. Single parents, careerist mothers, absent fathers, and live-in get goingners are blamed as the root cause of many of societys problems that could lead to persistent poverty, drug abuse, academic failure or out-of-school youths, and juvenile crime. This elicit be traced back to the early society that calls for histori cal perspective(Steven Mintz, 2003). History of the American Family In 1920, majority of American families are the traditional type the father is the breadwinner, the wife is the home-maker and the children attend the school.Unwanted pregnancies happened among 1940 and 1958. Families of the 1950s are characterized by increase in birth rate, a stable divorce rate, and the age of marriage decline. During the early and at the middle of the nineteenth century, divorce rate began to rise because of its legislative set out to be legalized. Spousal and child abuse gave rise and this can be reflected with the increase in assaults and murders commit against relatives and family members. Highest divorce cases happened at the beginning of the twentieth century.Single parenting, children in orphanage, infant mortality and early widowhood are the other changes happened in the past years(Steven Mintz, 2003). Family issues becoming social problem Divorce and single parenting From the point of construe of some, divorce is an indication of failure of American family. But for others, it is viewed as a sign of freedom from men that women do enjoy. After World War II, it is documented that the rate of divorce increased and these may be an indication of the changing views and role of women in the society and their need to be free from social and fiscal dependence upon men.However, the dramatic increase of divorce rate has greatly affect the economical and social stableness experienced by most of the divorced women that caused social problem for the economic hygienic-being of the divorced women and the children are highly compromised. On average, women earn less income than men, households that headed by the divorced women are further disadvantaged, also, the lack of tolerable and consistent child patronise added to the economic dilemma of divorced women (Dennis L. Peck).Spousal AbuseAmong the cause of ferocity between couples are incompatibility between them which they fi nd after the marriage and such difference arises when thither is great disagreement and animosity between them, the couple is under straining and frustration therefore shatter it out to one another and lastly, if the wife is a masochist or actually awkward or very provocative(Rudi Dallos). Child abuse and neglect A child that is not right taken cared of, not properly fed, deprived of basic necessities, proper medical care and treatment, and too much physical abuse is a violation to the childs welfare and is considered as a criminal behavior.Juvenile Delinquency accord to a study, broken homes are associated with juvenile delinquency. Levels of juvenile delinquency were much higher in teenagers active with single fathers and lowest among teenagers living with both parents and one of the suggestive reasons for this is due to inadequate parental social occasion in the life of the child. The lack of guidance and the absence of close relationships between the child and parents con tributed to the causes of the delinquency(Crystal L. Murry).Financial stress Financial stress can directly and indirectly affect children because it increases parental mental and emotional distress, which limits a parents capability to respond sensitively and consistently to their childrens unavoidably. More specifically, parents that are more commonly observed among low-income populations have behaviors of parental harshness, non-responsiveness, and inconsistency and are assumed to arise in part from the high levels of parental stress that accompany poverty.Parents having low income have the tendency to fail to express their warmness and fail to respond to their childs needs. (H. Abigail Raikes). Gay and Lesbian Families Sigmund Freud viewed homosexuality as a sick psychosexual development wherein the social orientation of the child is due to its relationship with his or her parents. Psychologists, as well as other professionals form other disciplines such as endocrinology and genetics have studied and discovered other possible causes of homosexuality (Dennis L. Peck).Before, same-sex families were inconceivable. However, in 1980s, the situation began to change and have changed the views of family life for spankings and lesbians. Due to socioeconomic independence of women of lesbian families, the medical advances of in-vitro fertilization and sex transplant, acceptance of gays and lesbians by adoption agencies and courts, planned gay and lesbian parenting had increased tremendously but during the late 1980s and early 1990s, there was argument intimately same-sex families, particularly child-rearing by gays and lesbians.Solutions to Problems Having time for the family will be helpful in strengthening the family and businesses providing flexible operative schedule will be of great help. The power of media has great influence on the youth therefore, they should make effort on portraying positive views on marriage and valuing education. The parents should be attentive to their childs learning in and out of school. No-fault divorce legislation establishes conjugal property that should be divided by both parties, assigning the childs custody, and awarding alimony.Open communication is important so that problems and conflicts can be addressed within the members of the family. Nowadays, it is acceptable that both parents are working to support the financial needs of the family but make sure that there is still time for relaxation and bonding of the family members e finically during special occasions. There are also government agencies, insurance company, law firms and consultants that provide legal and financial support for the child, spouse and elder that are victims of domestic violence.

King of the castle tension Essay Example for Free

King of the castle tautness Essay?Im the King of the Castle literary works Coursework Investigate the ways in which Susan Hill uses language to create tension and a sense of expectancy in Im the King of the Castle Susan Hill implements several constitution proficiencys to create tension in the novel. Tension in this sense simply means mental strain or exhilaration in the ratifiers. One of the techniques used is shown when she uses a third-person narration to narrate the theme. This narrator is omniscient and implies that he/ she is not single of the characters in the novel, and yet at the same time knows ein truththing that is running through the characters minds. Hill uses this technique to bring the readers on a journey of moving freely in time and space to countenance them to know what any character is doing or thinking at any one point of time. This is unless possible because the narrator is not a character in the novel and is allowed to be anywhere, anytime. Susan Hill uses some(prenominal) different techniques to put a point across, the or so important being her use of imagery. However her writing also has many other qualities such as good structure and her ability to think deal her characters. In addition she manages to build up tension and uses different ways of emphasising words or phrases. either of these factors contribute to her unique evocative style and add to her reputation of being a very adroit writer. In chapter eleven, she describes vividly how Kingshaw feels ghastly with fright when Hooper locks him in the shed. He retched, and then began to vomit, all over the sacks, the sick coming down his nose and choking him. It tasted bitter. He bent forwards, holding his stomach. When it finished he wiped his peach on the sleeve of his shirt. He was shivering again. This deprivation is an example of her excellent use of imagery.She conjures up a picture of the scene as well as expressing Kingshaws fears and senses in an evocativ e style by use a scene that we can all relate to and actualise. An example of Susan Hills good structure is at the very beginning of the novel, when Hooper and Kingshaw first meet, Hooper sends Kingshaw a note saying I didnt want you to come here. This sets up the story line from the beginning, leading us to expect events to come. Then at the very end of the novel earlier Kingshaw commits suicide, Hopper sends him a final note saying Something will happen to you Kingshaw.She shows the ability to be equal to think like a child, which adds to the overall affect of the book because the main character is Kingshaw who is a child. This shape of her thoughts gives us a wider disposition of Kingshaws character and his thoughts. Examples of her thinking like a child appear in many forms in the novel. One of them is her use of childish language and grammar. Now, he thought, I know what Hooper is sincerely like. Hes a baby. And gooselike. And a bully. Notice in this particular phrase that she uses childish words like baby, stupid and bully.The use of short abrupt sentences emphasise the words and adds to the childish theme, because it is grammatically incorrect to start a sentence with a conjunction, which is what a child may do). Another form of her childish thinking is how she shows an understanding of childrens fears and their reactions. An example of this is Kingshaws fear of moths. There are a lot of moths, Hooper said softly, there always are, in woods. Pretty big ones, as well. Kingshaws stomach clenched. In his nostrils, he could expression the mustiness of the Red Room. This passage shows how Hooper taunts Kingshaw with his fear (childishly). She shows Kingshaws reaction to his fear by saying his stomach clenched. She then continues with his memory of the Red Room, where he had been stir by the death moths, using her evocative style to describe how he associates moths with the musty smell of the Red Room. She uses the example of moths throughout t he book, along with Kingshaws other fears such as birds. To keep the reader alarum Susan Hill tended to change from one scene to another very abruptly.A Classic example is in chapter sixteen, when every one was in the Breakfast room on the day of Mrs. Helena Kingshaw and Mr. Hoopers wedding announcement. suddenly the scene changes to them being in a muddy field. This can be quite confusing for the reader but it does keep them alert. It was also in this scene where Susan Hill showed her ability to build up tension. This was make by Kingshaw expressing his fears about something that we do not know about, and Mrs. Helena Kingshaw talking about how he was scared by this thing when he was little.As the passage continues the writer gives us a clue that the strange fear is of a certain place and finally (after a page of writing) she tells us that the place in question is a circus. Susan Hill uses many different techniques to build up an atmosphere. In my opinion the most effective atmo sphere that she created was in chapters twelve and thirteen, when Hooper falls glowering the castle wall. When Kingshaw reaches the top of the castle (without Hooper) he feels a sense of power. He shouts out Im the King of the castle which relates to the title of the book.To make us understand how Kingshaw really does feel King, she repeats the phrase I am the King thrice. He felt so flop that he thought he could kill Hooper. When Kingshaw is in a rage with Hopper, telling him to come down, he swears at him, this shocks the reader, as he is only a child. When Hooper is falling off the castle wall Kingshaw commands lay down YOUR HANDS OFF THE WALL, HOOPER. The use of capital letter creates the effect that what he is saying is important. When Hooper falls and is carried off on a stretcher, thunder rumbles in the back ground which gives the ironic affect that it is not going to be a good thing for Kingshaw.Kingshaw is then made to get down from the castle, which can be classed as a n example of his life. Every time he reaches the top he is always forced to go back down which is, once again, ironic. The whole book gives an immense sense of tension to the reader. The atmosphere is one of suspense and danger. The overall use of abrupt, simple dialogue accentuates the feeling of incoming peril. Susan Hill writes the novel in a way which causes the reader to constantly be alert, and to expect the sinister and foreboding to occur. Arsalan Abdullah