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The Role of Dreams in Cormac McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses Essay exa

The Role of Dreams in Cormac McCarthys All the Pretty HorsesWorks Cited Missing Cormac McCarthy All the Pretty Horses depicts the American romanticized encounter of the west. canful Grady, emerging from a dilapidated family ventures out on a journey in pursuit of his dream of the cowboy lifestyle. Through out the unused there is a constant tension between John Grady destiny or fate and the temperament of his dreams. Dreams keep the dreamer from reality and because they are unreal, they paralyze the dreamers reality. Nonetheless, they motivate his journey through Mexico. The polar roles that his dreams play depict the different characters that John Grady assumes the Texas teenager, the lover, the prisoner and the man. John Gradys dreams are as complex as his character.Without ambition or dream, life is purposeless. Naturally, John leaves the comfort of his home with the intention of discovering the purpose of his life which is mapped out in his dream. Through John Gradys ad venture McCarthy suggests the necessity for boys to leave the comfort of their homes in order to become men. Indeed, oriented by his dream of becoming a cowboy, John Grady experiences acidulated realities, especially whilst imprisoned in the Mexican jail. Here is life is constantly under threat. Ultimately, John Grady kills his attacker. The act of killing symbolizes his transition to manhood. John Gradys impounding infers that dreams have consequences that are not always pleasant. Although ambition provides the map for life, it does not eliminate the consequences of actions taken towards the achievement of that goal. Ambition, goal and fantasy are all an entangled part of his life that shapes his destiny. John Grady believes in a fixed destiny, he... ... become of them. Staying true to his identity as an American, John Grady extends his possibilities. His hardships are not an end scarce misfortunes. Dreams are often thought of as unreal and as viable modes for escaping real ity however, for John Grady dreams are an extension of his reality. Dreams extend his life through different roles dreams as ambition, as fantasies and as an unconscious act during sleep. His dreams enable the reader to understand John Grady character as his expresses openly his aspirations in his dreams. A soulfulnesss aspirations are frequently in conflict with their reality. Likewise dreams can be in conflict with ones destiny. Nonetheless, there is blurred difference between the nature of dreams and reality. The complexity of life transforms itself into our dreams, thus dreams enable the dreamer to re-evaluate life his or life destiny.

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A human right is defined as any right that belongs justifiably to every person. If you were to take a canvas and ask the question, What are human rights? you would receive a variety of answers. However it is very likely all the answers would have the word freedom. Human rights are found upon the ethic of respect for an individual. This concept is called human rights because it is usually universal. Whereas nations or specialized groups enjoy specific rights that apply only to them, human rights are the rights to which everyone is entitled, no national who they are or where they live simply because they are living. These ethical rules have been bent over the coarse of history. One specific violation was on the twenty-four hours of February 19, 1942 when United States President Roosevelt signed executive order 9066. This order stated that all that all people if the Japanese decent that was residing in the United States must(prenominal) be removed from their homes and be placed in internment camps. The US Government justified their actions by claiming that people of the Japanese decent were spying for the en...

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Gender Identity and Social Structures Essay -- Gender Socialization So

Gender Identity and Social Structures What is meant by identity? Firstly this essay is going to explore what is meant by identity. Identity is made up of individual characteristics by which a person is kn own. Internal factors such as physical appearance, personality, mental ability and sex would arouse an effect on a persons identity. Then there are the external factors such as family, class, religion, culture, occupation and nationality which would influence ones identity. Then, even beyond all these personal and social structures, societal opinions about gender, race, culture, ethnicity and nationality must have an impact on identity. Many attri providedes of identity are create from childhood experience, adolescence, early adulthood and are ever forming. Identity fanny therefore be ever changing externally according to the life experiences by means of which a person goes through. Births, deaths, marriage, divorce, abuse, immigration, good or bad fortune for example are likely to cause change, and therefore influence change to identity. These may lastly result in a change to the internal identity physical, mental etc Gender identities are formed by several different factors, i.e. individual and incarnate social and biological. Biologically, it would be quite easy to aroma at the body of a person and be able to distinguish between a potent and a female, from their genitalia. A female would be identified by the absence of a penis. The problem with defining gender identity by simply development anatomical evidence is that is this day and age, we live in a society where most of our bodies are generally covered by clothing, so judgement can also be obscured by the unisex clothes that are worn by both men and women. Most of us are always manipulating our outer(prenominal) appearance according to the latest trends or fashion. It is more acceptable for a woman to seize clothing that is generally thought of as more masculine, but it is seldom that a man can wear clothing that is thought of as effeminate. In such case where a man was to wear feminine clothing such as dresses, skirts, frilly blouses, stockings or high heels this would be known as cross dressing. Women on the other hand can wear trousers, jackets and even ties and this is considered completely normal. The same can be said for make-up and hairstyle. Traditionally, woman generally had long hairstyles and men had s... ...cupation such as hairdressing, fashion or beauty, you would dress in a more trendy fashion as you are selling an image to your clientele. The colleagues with whom you work often become a representative of your social group of peers. It is more likely that people will socialize in circles of people with common occupations or similar earning power.As well as putting food on the table, clothes on our backs and a roof over our heads, employment provides us with a sense of worth, it feeds our pride. Someone who is unemployed, whether or not by choice, may be l abeled as lazy and useless, and have a general lack of respect from society. Especially if it is not by their own choice, they probably feel worthless. Although it is now common for women to go out to work, men still see their roles as the main breadwinner. Where once that was their role, and the women stayed at home to look after the needs of their husbands and children, women are now holding down high-powered jobs, as well as still seeing to the general needs of their families. caper and income are both important aspects of identity, who we are, how we see ourselves, how we represent ourselves and how others see us.

To Build a Fire by Jack London Essay -- Jack London Build Fire Essays

To Build a Fire by Jack LondonThe short story To build a Fire by Jack London, tells about the relationship between man and nature. The story takes place in the Yukon during one of the long night. The master(prenominal) character who is unnamed travels with a get over along a small trail to a mining camp. The man leaves against the advice of a local and after a short time realizes that he should have waited. The temperature is extremely cold because the mans spit freezes before it hits the ground. The principal(prenominal) obstacle of his journey is the many covered springs that mean goal to whoever falls into them. The man sends his dog in front of him to make sure that the trail is safe. Eventually the dog falls into one of the springs and gets his paws wet. Immediate, acting solely of instinct, the dog begins to chew the ice off of his feet. Further down the trail a similar incident happens, but this time the man falls into the spring. In aver to keep his feet from freezing h e has to build a fire. The first attempt to build a fire is flawed by the location the man chose chthonic a tree. After the man is unable to light a second fire because of the loss of dexterity in his fingers, he becomes panicked and blindly runs, until totally exhausted, and dies. Throughout the story the mood gives the impression of extreme cold, and the tone is ironic. Through the actions of the main character, Jack London shows that man must be humble to nature. The main character in the story remains nameless becaus...

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poe :: essays research papers

In Edgar Allan Poes works, there ar humankindy similarities amid them and his life. There are plenty similarities to find when only management on two of his stories, The tell Tale Heart and The Cask of Amontillado. When paying close attention, it is easy to notice the similarities and differences in the midst of Poes life and his stories..The first military issue to be discussed will be the similarities between the two tales. In both of the stories the murderers knew the men that they killed. Also, in both stories the murderers hid the form of the victim. An important factor in a tale about murder, is that the killer has a motive to commit the crime. There are plenty of similarities between Poes stories, just as well, there are many differences between the tales also.Along with comparisons, there are also many contrast between The Tell Tale Heart and The Cask of Amontillado. In The Tell Tale Heart the man killed out of insanity over the old mans eye, but in The Cask of Amont illado, the narrator killed out of jealousy, The meter injuries of Fortunato I had borne as best I could but when he ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge. In The Tell Tale Heart the narrator panicked and cut the body up in order to hide it, while the narrator in The Cask of Amontillado remains calm during and after the crime was committed. Another difference between them is that the narrator in The Tell Tale Heart confessed to the crime out of guilt and insanity, Villains I shrieked, dissemble no more I admit the consummation--tear up the planks--here, here--it is the beating of his hideous heart In The Cask of Amontillado the narrator is never caught. After looking at the differences between Poes work it is very entertaining to compare the stories to his life.Many of Poes stories and poems can be tied to events that have happened in his life. A lot of the demanding times that he had had gone through in his life he used as motivation to write his poems and stories. For example t he story The Masque of the reddened Death is thought of to be related to the consumption (aka tuberculosis), which took the life of many of the women he loved. In The Tell Tale Heart the dying old man good be seen as Poes adoptive father on his death bed, and how the old mans eye made the murderer uncomfortable could be an proportion for how Poes father made him feel uncomfortable because he knew that his father did not love him.

poe :: essays research papers

In Edgar Allan Poes works, thither are many similarities between them and his life. There are plenty similarities to find when scarcely focusing on two of his stories, The Tell Tale Heart and The Cask of Amontillado. When paying close attention, it is easy to notice the similarities and remainders between Poes life and his stories..The showtime topic to be discussed will be the similarities between the two tales. In both of the stories the murderers knew the men that they killed. Also, in both stories the murderers hid the body of the victim. An important factor in a tale ab step up murder, is that the killer has a motive to commit the crime. There are plenty of similarities between Poes stories, just as well, there are many differences between the tales also.Along with comparisons, there are also many contrast between The Tell Tale Heart and The Cask of Amontillado. In The Tell Tale Heart the man killed out of insanity over the out of date mans eye, but in The Cask of Amontilla do, the narrator killed out of jealousy, The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as best I could but when he ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge. In The Tell Tale Heart the narrator panicked and make out the body up in order to hide it, while the narrator in The Cask of Amontillado remains calm during and after the crime was committed. Another difference between them is that the narrator in The Tell Tale Heart confessed to the crime out of guilt and insanity, Villains I shrieked, dissemble no more I hold the deed--tear up the planks--here, here--it is the beating of his hideous heart In The Cask of Amontillado the narrator is never caught. After looking at the differences between Poes work it is very entertaining to compare the stories to his life.Many of Poes stories and poems can be tied to events that have happened in his life. A mess hall of the hard times that he had had gone through in his life he used as motivation to write his poems and stories. For example the s tory The masquerade costume of the Red Death is thought of to be related to the consumption (aka tuberculosis), which took the life of many of the women he loved. In The Tell Tale Heart the dying old man good be seen as Poes adoptive father on his death bed, and how the old mans eye made the murderer uncomfortable could be an analogy for how Poes father made him feel uncomfortable because he knew that his father did not love him.

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Fight On

Heritage Hall is filled with retired jerseys, trophies and game balls. Over the past 125 years, Cusss football team has fielded more Hessian swag winners than any other school with seven. 37 of its players has been elected and enshrined in the College Football Hall Of Fame. In this hallow hall also stands Cusss 11 National disdain trophies with its last trophy in 2004. The dim lights enshrined memorabilia and revered site all adds to the game day experience. From Heritage Hall, the next stop is the Grand Old lady or commonly referred to as The Coliseum. Outside the Coliseum is the diehard, devoted fan base.At 7 am the parking lot is filled with diehard fans that start early to tailgate prior to the game. As you make your way to the adit of the Coliseum the spices and smell of perfectly seasoned food attacks your senses. You plentyt help but get wind the camaraderie and friendships formed while the alcohol flows. It is in the parking lot you see the dedication and years of loya lty displayed by its fans. In the front quarrel nearest to the stadium stands the most dedicated fan. An middle-ageder man, scruffy looking stands next to his Winnebago. He is dressed in the traditional garbs for the day.His Winnebago is covered from front to derriere in Cardinal and Gold from his speakers blares the schools song Aught On. Walking by he gives you the greeting of the day Fight on and talks about the upcoming mass murder that is to commence shortly. Following the steady flow of fans you start to take in the beauty and craftsmanship in the construction of the stadium. The architect spared no expense in the details of this finely designed piece of modern history. At the entrance of this modern Art Deco inspired stadium stands two bronze statues o notice Olympic Gateway.Looking around, the stadium features long horizontal lines that flow as smooth as the Mississippi River. The curves and portholes reminiscent of womans body pay tribute to the old Greek and Roman sty le. The closer you get to the stadium you begin to hear the roar of the crowd. The stadium trembles as 93,000 Cardinal and Gold clad fans hum and cheer for their favorite football team. Down on the sideline is Tommy Trojan and his majestic white steed Traveler. Next to them is the beautiful USC Song Girls as they await the teams entrance into the stadium.In the North Tunnel you can see the team walking toward the field. Hand and Hand the players march as one team. U-S-C, U-S-C chants are deafening as they range out onto the field escorted by Tommy Trojan and the Song Girls. Seeing the players trotting onto the field the fans are riled up into a frenzied state. At that moment the aroma of Troy Marching Band strikes up to the tune of Seven Nation Army. The crowd responds by singing along. You can see the fear in the opponents eyeball as they await their fate. After all the prename festivities, kickoff has finally arrived.Tommy Trojan and Traveler make their way to mid field. His a rmor is clean, on the brightest day you can see your reflection. With precision and accuracy he swings his blade. His movements are flawless his blade slices thru the air like a hot knife thru butter and with authority he buries his sword deep into the field. Its game time As the game goes on the crowd is fully engaged. With every tackle, catch you hear the crowds JOSH and SHAHS. When USC scores a touchdown the crowd becomes chaotic, like animals that has tasted blood and is awaiting the final kill.High fives and hugs are seen around the stadium. It is a good day, from the opening kickoff to the final sound Of the game a USC high produces on every level. From the history viewed thru the glass at Heritage Hall to the prename festivities at the Coliseum USC Football games are one for the history books. The dedication of an sweep over fan base plus the high expectations makes for an outstanding game day atmosphere. The fans, traditions and championships makes the University of Southe rn California Football game the ultimate game day experience.

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High School Essay

My freshman grade of high school was scary. Two rival middles schools sexual climax together to make one freshman class did not seem like the best idea, the classes were harder, and the stress levels were higher. In eighth grade I was so excited to be in high school, but once I got there I could not wait for that year to be over. Then I realized I heretofore had three more than long school years ahead of me.Dont get me wrong, I had plenty of romp multiplication freshman year. I met so m each new people and made a heap of new friends. The majority of my friends then are still my friends now. But I was ready to grow up. I think every teenager thinks like this at one point or throughout every year of high school. Most teenagers are ready to move from home and start a new and more independent life in college during near years of high school. I know that I thought this way for quite sometime. I thought that life in college would be a one million million million times more eventful than life in high school.Sophomore and junior year were also similar to freshman year. Friendships became stronger, classes were continuing to get more difficult, and even though I involved myself more in extracurricular activities, I was ready to get out of town and start college more than ever. I had picked out my dream school and already had so many plans for my freshman year of college. But instead of time speeding up like I wished it would, it felt like it was slowing down.Summer exit into senior year I began getting bored with the town and I felt like I was always dictum there is nothing to do here. I thought I needed more adventure and was becoming tired of just going through the motions. Although I felt like that then, a few weeks into senior year my mindset had completely changed.Even though senior year has been the toughest year yet, my class has created a culture. There is so many things that define us as a class and set us apart from everyone else. From traditions sta rted at football games, to the things that we do as a group, we have created our own culture and identity. I have realized that even though I have wanted the bygone three years to fly by, all I want is for this year to slow down.My friends and I have all created extremely close bonds and we have give out almost like a family. I feel like throughout the past three years I have taken a lot of things for granted and have not really appreciated all the memories I have had that came from good experiences. I have learned not to take any special moments for granted because I could look back on these days and remember all of the good times and how much I enjoyed my senior year.At times I regret wanting to grow up so fast because I know now that these are some of the best times of my life and I wish I would have appreciated them before. Although I do regret that, Im thankful I get to blow over this year with every single one of my closest friends. I still have a long time to make memories , but as the saying goes, time flies when youre having fun.

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An American Childhood Essay

In Annie Dillards An American Childhood she takes us the reader back in time. She tells of the activities and games she played as a child, which as well as draws the reader in to her story more bringing back the same memories from their childhood. She sets the stage around Christmas time on a weekday in late December. Her and her friends were stand up in knee deep snow along the road waiting for cars to pass by, an easy target for anyone who could throw a snowball.It was clearly a not bad(p) day for hitting cars with all the traffic they encountered on Reynolds Street. After some time had passed Annie and her friends decided an ice ball was the way to go. So without further collectable they spread out and waited for the next victim. Sure enough a black Buick came close and they opened fire. As soon as one snowball taken with(p) the windshield something that had never happened before began. The man pulled over and the chase was on.After winding all over town on the chase the man exitly caught them. Out of breath the man in a stern voice shouted You stupid kids. For Annie and her friends the thrill of the chase was a glory they wanted to last forever. It was surely a winter none of them will forget. Dillards main goal in this story was to show how great her childhood really was. It depicts how some people would describe a traditional American childhood. The great thing about this piece was the descriptiveness of it.Details describing the other characters along with the setting, and elements such as the prevail really paint a great picture of the scene of the events on Reynolds Street. Also the verbs Dillard uses to describe the chase and the event in the mans pursuit shows us how frighten it would have been as a child running from a grown man. Overall it was a great story that could easily relate to any teen American child which made reading this piece very simple.

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Legal and Ethics

Stakeholdes be people who hold a stake or some share in a certain comp each, system or an issue. The analysis of stakeholders is a way of discerning a company or the system itself, wherein areas such as post, objectives, aims, fructify and relationships can be looked into. An analysis of these stakeholders will show a pattern of communication, conflict and understanding between these shareholders. This will help in resolving any differences and issues.According to ICRA these are different types of stakeholders, Key stakeholder. Are those stakeholders who have a great influence over the project and its success involved. Primary stakeholder. Are those stakeholders who are direct beneficiaries of the results and the of the project. Secondary stakeholder. Are those stakeholders who act as intermediaries inside a project or a system. Active stakeholders. These stakeholders directly affect or may even determine decisions and actions in a project or a system. Passive stakeholders. T hese are stakeholders who are directly affected by any decions and actions taken by the others. Important stakeholders. These stakeholders are very important to the project itself. Their needs are of high signifcance. Influential stakeholders. These are stakeholders who have the influence or the power to make decions regarding an activity or who can convince others in making a decion.Any ethical obligations to the stakeholder can be easily balanced by offereing them substantial images of responisibility. According to Bittner and Spence (2002), you need to identify the type of stakeholder for the kind of role. These roles can be that of ambassadors (Key/Influential/Important stakeholders), advisors (Active/Primary stakeholders), visionaries (Active), executive sponsors (Passive stakeholders) marketeers (Passive/Secondary stakeholders) or threadbare users (Secondary stakeholders). These roles can be interchangable depending on the responsibility that is involved and the influence that the stakeholder has in the project or the system.According to Robertson (2000), the first step would be to identidy the requiremnts and inturn to identify the stakeholders. undermentioned step would be to recognize the kind of role they plan to play in the project along with their level of involvemnt and commitment to the project. This will very hearty enable us to understand any conflicts that arise and help us to comeup with any resolutions for it.Stakeholders are very important people irrespective of the kind of role they play. All need to be respected and taken care of equally so that the project does not suffer in the long run and instead benefits with the experience and idealogies of such capable and able people.ReferencesICRA. ICRA Learning Materials Stakeholders Key Concepts.Bittner, K, Spence, I (2002). Use Case Modeling. Addison-WesleyProfessional. System designRobertson. S (2000). Project SociologyIdentifying and involving the stakeholders. The Atlantic Systems Guild Ltd

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Learning to Lead Change

Learning to Lead Change The simplest definition of leadership says Peter Senge, of learning institution fame, is the readiness to produce modification. Does your organisation need to make up up exchange leadership capability? Theres a big emphasis now on leadership, not just conventional management skills. One reason is a growing recognition that in times of change, when systems are unstable and futures are uncertain, its leaders we need not managers.When you boil it down, leadership itself is largely about leading pack through change. Leaders are the paint drivers of change. They play a critical percentage in preparing people for it, and then leading them through it. No matter what your specific job, managers everywhere now need to be more change-adept. Organisations nowadays expect people to step out of their functional role and handle a formidable array of changes as part of their daily represent often with little preparation for it.In a word, we all need to become change leaders. Whether you introduce the change a better procedure, a service-delivery improvement, redesigning tap, merging bat units, designing a bare-ass product line or introducing a new piece of technology or whether its imposed on you, the ability to manage change and make it happen rapidly and smoothly is one of the keys to organisational vitality, renewal and success. And learning how to lead change is one of the critical skills that underscores successful implementation.To rush the ability to Identify when change is needed and constantly build their own and others capacity to learn, adapt and transform Translate change initiatives into functional visions and strategies staff find comprehensible and want to sign onto Design down-to-earth workplace change and improvement strategies people can work with Communicate understandably about change in ways people can understand Reduce uncertainty and convert anxiety, denial and resistance into constructive change push butt on Build momentum, create commitment, get people into action mode then facilitate them through change Many managers overlook the need to develop change capabilities in themselves or in others. Their assumption often sounds like this Ive been managing this organisation for years so I certainly know how to change it What organisations oftentimes fail to see is that the skills to build change leadership capability are very different to those needed to manage a business in rule operational mode. Everyday management skills, sound as they may be, just dont convert that easily into effective change leadership capabilities. bracing skills are needed but not many see this. Back to topKey practice areas for enabling change Heres a list of key practice areas for enabling change They inter-connect. Changes in one flow through to all the others Learning to Lead Change Put simply leadership is ofttimes about leading people through change. Leaders are key drivers of change and leadership lear ning should focus firmly on the critical role leaders play in preparing, and leading people through change in order to create change leaders those with the capability to communicate clearly about change in ways people can understand, shape a vision they can sign onto, build momentum, create commitment, get people into action and then facilitate them through it.Facilitating Change is a role for both change leaders and teams. It involves being capable of leading team activities, adopting a facilitation role to lead change teams and shifting from mental models of managing, organising or controlling to being facilitators & direction-setters. Leveraging Culture Very little changes unless the culture its possibility in gets addressed the habits, assumptions and shared mental models carried by yourself and others. This involves sensing the current culture, assessing how supportive or not this is for change outcomes you envisage and learning to leverage and work with the culture to get t hese change results.Promoting Change Participation Promote involvement in and responsibility for managing change processes. Our bias for participation is based on notice and experience that if you involve others in jointly determining what and how to change, it is more likely to be successful than imposed change. This involves working out ways to involve people both participation inside your change team or target group and with stakeholders outside it. Building Change Capacity What capacities do we need to build in order to change successfully? This includes individual skills, tools and disciplines you and your change team needs to develop change enabling capacity and the resources needed to support change tangible and in.It also involves building longer term change capability by embedding good practices in the work/learning habits of people squeeze by changes. Systems Redesign When things change, old work systems, processes and procedures need to change too. One reason change f ails is a lack of know-how or refusal to change old work patterns, systems, structures and mental models that get in the way. At whatever level, change leaders constantly look for more innovative, efficient and flexible ways of re-organising work processes and procedures to fit out ever-changing improvement challenges. All change leaders need to learn how to be systems redesigners. Change Leaders need Tools Without tools, guiding ideas remain un-actioned.Leaders need new tools and processes to make a positive contribution to these more flexible and fluid forms of learning if they are to use learning to change and respond more pronto to successive change challenges. Our leadership-learning emphasises being transparent about the tools we use and injecting specific learning tools into the change coaching/action learning process for people to turn up out and experiment with. Monitoring Change This involves developing ways to tell whether real change and improvement has taken place id entifying indicators and processes to evaluate whether our change actions and processes establish made a real difference and get back on-track if changes arent working.

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Dramatic situations Essay

Examine carefully your chosen dead reckoning and discuss how well in your view Shakespeare succeeds in presenting good sign of the zodiac with a variety of dramatic situations in order to entertain his audience. Shakespeare wrote The Taming of the Shrew towards the end of the 16th century. The play was aimed at each social classes, meaning that at that place had to be humour in the play to suit everyones taste. The scene that I have chosen to examine is Act 5, Scene 2. Which is the last scene of the play.This scene follows on from Act 5, Scene 1 where Katherina has just reluctantly kissed Petruchio and Petruchio feels very pleased with the way everything has turned out. It then enters Act 5, Scene 2, where Lucentio is have everyone to the banquet, which was being held to celebrate the three marriages. I chose to do this scene because I think that this scene rounds the play off nicely as nearly all of the roughages are there in it and there are a variety of dramatic situations.A fter Lucentio has finished welcoming everyone Petruchio says Nothing but sit and sit, and expel and eat . If I was directing the play I would make Petruchio butt in with that straight after Lucentio has finished talking because I think that he is saying it quite sarcastically, as he was wanting to draw attention to himself because previously in the play we learnt that he is quite mad character, for example when he turned up at the wedding he was wearing crazy clothes.I found that quite amusing but in the Royal Shakespeare doing that we saw I dont think they made him say it with enough expression, I thought that they would have made a bigger carry on about it. To draw even more attention to himself I think he should say it quite loudly and stand up because the audience would be focused on him. I think that Shakespeare made Petruchios character quite a quirky one because all through the play he brings humour and it leaves the audience wondering what strange thing he will do or say next and it is all very unexpected.After that, on line 14 and 15 I think that the tone gets a bit more serious. On line 14 Baptista says Paudua offers this kindness, son Petruchio In the textual matter there is no exclamation mark so if I was directing it I would make him say it in a stern, serious voice. Petruchio says after that Padua offers zero point but what is kind I think that when he says that he should again say it quite quickly and immediately after Baptista did because that brings out his cheeky character and it is entertaining because there is an argument and this is an amusing way to start off quite a formal event.

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Chinese Attitudes Toward Nature, Time, Good and Evil Essay

As for the attitude of Chinese deal toward nature, it is undisputed that it is marked by a strong feeling of harmony, for example, juncture of nature and man. According to Dong Zhongshu, who was the most important philosopher of the Western Han, Heaven had its will and purpose. It was Heaven that made the sun, the moon, and the stars move, the four seasons c bent-grasse, and all animals and plants grow and die. Heaven was kindhearted, so it made things produce one a nonher Heaven was also severe, so it made things everyplacecome one a nonher. Moreover, Heaven created a ruler to rule over the mass. This meant that Heaven wanted the batch to be ruled.When a ruler did fewthing wrong, Heaven would be angry and would give the ruler warnings by causing strange innate phenomena to happen, such as eclipses, earthquakes, floods and droughts. This theorythe interaction between Heaven and manhad a clear purpose. On the one hand, it was intended to show that the rulers position and power were given to him by Heaven, and should not be questioned on the other hand, the ruler should be virtuous and benevolent, and govern well, so as not to incur Heavens anger. Dong had a well-known saying The Way is great because it originates in Heaven. Heaven does not change nor does the Way. I would resembling to explain the idea clearly by an example. That is Feng Shui. Feng Shui (also known as geomancy) is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to support one improve life by receiving positive qi. Maybe many people cerebrate it is superstition, that I consider it can reflect the hunt of harmonious life of Chinese people. There atomic number 18 four purposes in Feng Shui, seeking the harmony of human body the harmony between people and people the harmony between people and society the harmony between people and nature.Let me give a small example ab break through placing a shaft. The bed shall be slight ly higher than the knee and not near the door. And it shall face to the south and back to the north in order to adjust duxhlt, the aorta and large veins statement of the blood circulatory system, so that people can fall a sleep easily, and attain a high quality sleep. The bed cant facet the west, because the rotation of the earth is from east to west, making the blood rush toward the head, and people cant sleep soundly.Beam presses which mean air conditioners hang above the pillow, or the lights suspend above the bed, bring about oppression, and cause adverse effect of body and mind. Mirrors cant face the bed, if not people may be startled easily in midnight, and cant be peace. It really can express the attitude toward nature, uniting of heaven and humanity. As for the attitude of Chinese people toward prison term, three features will be mentioned about. The first is round- type prison term outlook. In the oriental world, farming is the major way of carrying out material and exc hanging verticals dominates all the economic life of the whole society.This pastoral civilization treats human and the nature as interrelated and interacted,the world as an integer organically linked. So in oriental society the round-type time outlook is that nature and human is integrate. This kind of time outlook holds the count that time is like a circle and all the things in the world return to its origina1 state after a cycle of time, for example, the alternation of day and night, the come and go of the four seasons,the turning of the dozen months, the increase of the age and the growing of plants.This kind of time view makes the Orientals handle the time at their disposal and do things at ease. For instance, when a teacher has not finished an important point in his class,he can pro spacious his class. At the Chinese wedding feast, few people will come at the time which is written on the invitation card. Moreover, Chinese use time very casually and intangibly. Chinese prefer to say some uncertain words 1ike at one time, sometimes, a short while, which a1ways confuse the westerners.Chinese students who are studying English tend to misuse the tense when communicate with aliens. In a word, Chinese dont have clear differentiation concept of time. The second is polychromic time system. Polychromic time system means people are very casual in using time. In other words, being punctual is important, but not strict. Polychromic time system is the inheritance of traditional agricultural society. People are used to do severa1 different things at the same time and do things emphasizing prime time.Chinese think that everything in the world develops with the cycling of time, so people catch the time that is ripe for acting, which means each step of our action is determined temporarily by our surroundings. So action is poorly planned by Chinese. In some occasions, people can do many things in the same time. A Chinese salesman can check out with the first customer o n the one hand,and show the goods to a second one on the other hand, even agnise a third One at the same time. However, westerners can hardly accomplish them and also can not accept them. The third is past time orientation.Time orientation is a relatively stable factor in cultural difference. It is connected to the historical background of the. Generally speaking, people who have in like manner heavy tradition, look up to history and past, so their time orientation is past-oriented. Chinese belong to past-oriented. People show great respect to the past. The past flummox and 1esson are important reference for todays success and failure. Chinese show respect to ancestors and teachers. They like to say things by referencing to the old books and stories. That is why Chinese call teachers lao shi. lao means old.People attach importance to age and experience, because they are symbols of power and cognizance, so words like lao and da always mean respect in Chinese. As for the attitude of Chinese people toward good and evil, perhaps the most extreme view of goodness is effectuate in the Buddhist tradition. Buddhism maintains that we are born pure and are closest to what is called loving kindness when we enter this world. Hence, people are good, and our culture is what makes us evil. The view of goodness is also found in Confucianism. Meng Zi made the original goodness of human nature the keynote to his system.To him, the deservingness of humanity together with the accompanying virtues of righteousness, rites and wisdom arises from the inner springs of the human heart. These four cardinal virtues come in their seed formthe four beginnings, as the feeling of compassion, shame, modesty, and of the distinction between right and wrong. much(prenominal) feelings are universal among mankind and they come as naturally ad taste for food, and sight for beauty. This, Meng Zi argued, can be seen in the fact that a nipper naturally loves his parents and that a man will ins tinctively experience a feeling into a well.Therefore, human nature is originally good, and will be good if it is guided by its innate feelings, just as water is inclined to flow downward. In contrast to the concept of the goodness of human nature advocated by Meng Zi, Xun Zi declared that human nature is originally evil because human desires inevitably lead to greed and strife if left untrained. Believing that goodness can sole(prenominal) be acquired, Xun Zi stressed the value of education and environment. To him it is environment and authority that make the man, and it is obedience of the precepts of the sage-kings that produces the goodness that is in him.In the end, however, not only is the life of virtue a possibility but even sage-hood is within reach. Therefore, Xun Zi said, Every man on the street can become like the sage-king Yu, a perfect Orthodox Confucian note. What mentioned about are viewpoints from the ancients. Nowadays Chinese attitudes toward good and evil are ve ry wide and vague, not like Christianity which has a ten commandments, making the general public even those without much cultural literacy has some certain standards, ruling what can do and can not do, their attitudes toward good and evil are absolutely clear.But to Chinese, nothing must been done and nothing can not be done. The boundary between good and evil is obscure, in some condition something is good but in other condition it may be bad. To Chinese the boundary is always about degree, whether it is excessive or not. For example, public lecture between Chinese friends sometimes contains abusive language, but it doesnt mean they hate each other, most of time, it is just joking. That behavior is not really evil, but if it is overdone, it will be.Chinese Peoples attitude toward nature, time, good and evil have been formed gradually, and they are relatively stable in a long time, but they are not without changes. The better living conditions, the development of the economy, the i mprovement of the society and the increase of the interaction of people from different cu1tural backgrounds will undoubtedly have subtle effects on their views, although it is also a long process. What I talking about is some basic attitude of Chinese, it will help foreigner to understand Chinese better, but not always apply to every Chinese at every time.

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The Effects of Dependency on Technology

Since the days of the industrial revolution, man has always wanted to improve his environment, or to book his life ceasier. Whether it was a way to speed up production of goods, better communication, or just alter and existing idea, man has yearned to exceed his boundaries and push the limits of his abilities. With the invention of the computer and rapid advances in applied science, lifestyles wipe out convey physic completelyy, societally, and economically low-level upon a sinless variety of electronic devises. If the technology were lost or became non functional, it would have a devastating impact globally.Beginning with the invention of the wheel and fire, man has strived to improve the way he performs primary menial tasks. Just as he did with the wheel, man has run short more and more dependent upon technology to do his day to day work. What started as the industrial revolution has moved into the computer age of manufacturing goods at a faster and cheaper rate. Not onl y has production been effected by technology, it has spread to a wide range of work related tasks such as sales, where only two decades ago personal advert was the norm, now is done with e-mail and I pads.As well as shipping and receiving where once records were hand written, they be now inputted electronically. Thus it creates a network of human dependency on industrial technology. Even as industry has become dependent upon electronic gadgets so has societys need to interact. There argon a number of devices to help us communicate more efficiently with each other, but at a cost of the personal face to face connection. The number one improvement in social communication is the internet.With instant messaging, e-mail, and social sites such as facebook, my yearbook, and tagged there is very little if whatever personal contact. Also in the communication category are cell-phones where you can text, im, take and download pictures all at the touch of a keypad without unconstipated seein g the person on the other end. By doing so it creates a varied number of choices for social interaction with no personal or somatogenic contact. Commerce has also become dependent on computers and ever changing technology. Since the birth of the internet, on decline sales have become as ommon as turning on a light. You can trip up a businesss entire inventory and make a purchase with just a couple of mouse clicks. Also effected by technology is in store checkout, where you can do self check out by scanning items over a price screen connected to a computerized cash register. A major change in commerce is security where cameras survey an entire store and electronic metallic strips are hidden in items to thwart shoplifting. In the future even sales clerks could be computerized which would lead to a total dependence on technology.Thus computers today have become an inseparable part of our lives, forcing man to ask several questions. Like where pass on the technology lead us, and ho w dependent are we becoming upon it. Therefore the very things that are now operating industrial machinery, communicating socially, and tearaway(a) commercial sales have brought about a dependency on technology that is nearly irreversible. It leads to the question, will all the advances in our lives be a benefit or will we become dependent soley on technology to complete everyday tasks thereby isolating ourselves from human interaction.

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Addiction Does Not Discriminate Essay

Addiction does non begin with a conscious decision to become an addict. Because of the approachability of painkillers, central nervous system depressants, and alcohol, every socio-economical group is at risk. For many an(prenominal) it is a slow progression from needing to wanting the medicine of choice. Fortunately, there argon treatment plans and therapy for those who smart from this life story changing disease. The stereotypical view of a drug addict is the poor, dirty, economically challenged, bug-eyed, and most believably of non-white ethnicity.However, Jeff Bishop reports from an interview with Pamela Shepard, coordinator of the Coweta County Adult Drug Court, Andrews 2 that the addicts they deal with be anything but stereotypical. Shepard states that the people they deal with argon non like those in the movies, they be moms, dads, college, students, nurses, teachers and every different profession. Then there ar those who neer stood a chance from the time they wer e born. Shepard also says that drug and alcohol addiction and new(prenominal) addictions are pervasive, not just in certain parts of a town or among certain groups of people. Bishop) There are several prescription medications that are addictive, however, some of the more commonly addictive and demoralized are painkillers, central nervous system Depressants, and Alcohol. The National Institutes of Health estimates that in the United States close to 20 % of people everyplace the age of 12 defend used these prescription drugs or alcohol for non-medical purposes. (Prescription Drug Abuse). Prescription pain killers are unmatched of the most commonly abused medicines (Drug Addiction-Prescription). many an(prenominal) patients are prescribed these medicines for moderate to severe pain.If taken but as prescribed, pain medicine can manage quite effectively. However, chronic use or abuse of opioids can result in physical dependence and addiction (Drug Addiction-Prescription). Pain ki llers tend to be everywhere prescribed by many doctors and the option of online pharmacies only adds to the problem. (Prescription Painkillers whitethorn Be Over Prescribed) According to researchers from the University of northeast Carolina, physicians who treat neck pain rely on medications far too often to the point of excluding other treatment options, which may be more effective and carry less risk of addiction. Prescription Painkillers May Be Over Prescribed) Andrews 3 Another highly abused medicine is CNS Depressants such as, alprazolam and Valium (Drug Addiction-Prescription). These medications are typically prescribed to treat anxiety and sleep disorders (Prescription Drug Abuse). Depressants, for many, are a way out of reality which allows them to alter the ability to flavor emotional pain or discomfort. sometimes the way out feeling leads to addiction. Research continues to show that alcohol is the most abused substance.The National canvas on Drug Use and Health releas ed that 22% of the American population binge drink and that over 16 million people are heavy drinkers (Catton). Two reasons to support this fact are availability and being legal to buy. Alcohol is woven into many activities in life, and it becomes difficult to recognize when drinking has cover the line into addiction. Alcoholics welcome a difficult time setting limits on the amount consumed (Smith, Robinson & Segal). Many people experiment with drugs and alcohol with only a small percentage becoming addicted. Why do some succumb and others do not?The Genetics acquaintance reading Center states that it is becoming increasingly clear that genetic factors play an important role in the addiction process (Genetics recognition accomplishment Center). There is not one gene that determines addiction it is influenced by multiple genes as well as environmental risks. These genes and environmental factors can either add up or cancel each other out. A persons genetic makeup does not ne cessarily doom them to become an addict. (Genetics Science Learning Center) Andrews 4 Environment is also a major factor in addiction (Genetics Science Learning Center).Just because a genetic map says someone is prone to addiction does not imagine that it will happen, it just means that those people need to be more careful than others. Treatment plans have been in place almost as long as addiction has been a problem. There are several different treatment centers that provide multiple care plans. Through the years treatment plans have drastically changed, most defiantly for the better. History has shown that past treatments for addiction has been imprisonment, sentencing to asylums, and church-guided prayer. Of course, those methods were generally ineffective. Genetics Science Learning Center) Current methods are more based on the understanding that addiction is a disease that has many more factors than just a need to furbish up high. Modern treatments involve a compounding of dru g and behavioral therapy, resulting in a much higher success rate. (Genetics Science Learning Center) fiat tends to judge drug addiction sufferers as morally weak or may see them as if they have criminal intent. Many people do not understand that while symptoms of addiction are treatable, the disease itself is incurable. Luxury drug rehab) Many addiction sufferers will die from their disease, but those who seek swear out from a treatment center can treat their condition and live a wholesome life (Luxury drug rehab). Andrews 5 Truth is people who are addicted come in all shapes and sizes. It is not just the crack addict in the alley in a bad part of town. They are also the successful business men who wear business suits and successfully function in the embodied world. Addiction sufferers can also be the people who dispense and prescribe narcotics, or the stay at home parents that drive the kids to school and to ball practice every day.They could also be the elderly populate or may be even a teacher (Winkel). Because there are many beliefs and stereotypes about drug addiction that are simply not true, those who suffer from addiction find it difficult to ask for alleviate or even admit they have a problem. Addiction stereotyping is a hard habit to generate but doctors and therapists try to treat addiction as the disease it is. One of the first steps in breaking the stereotype is to stop using the words habit, fix, and abuser that reinforce the stigma with negative connotations (Salsitz). Everyone is decent of treatment and help.If people were more aware of the problems of drug addiction and how easily it could happen to anyone, he or she may be more likely to see an addicted person as someone who is meet of help and respect. The more harshly people judge those who suffer from addiction and continue to make them feel as if they do not deserve treatment the less likely they will be to get help or even trust someone enough to confide in them about their proble ms. It is never a good idea to generalize people and their behavior. Many who are addicted to substances can campaign past their addictions and go on to lead productive lives.

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Development of intelligence test performance Essay

Intelligence can be defined in several ways, ranging from broader definitions such as the exponent to cope with life, to more specific definitions such as skill in problem-solving and reasoning. Intelligence tests are apply by psychologists in order to assess such skills, and a quantitative measure of this intelligence is unremarkably presented in the form of an IQ (intelligence quotient). IQ scores are the basis of much research into the study of intelligence test performance.One cultural component part which may perk up an affect on a childs measured intelligence is mother love addendums may break away a type in childrens cognitive development. This hypothesis can be tested by studying children who have been separated from an attachment object (i.e. a parent), and Skeels & Dye found evidence to suggest that the formation of an attachment improves intelligence test performance. In their study, 13 of the most mentally retarded infants in an orphanage were move to an institu tion for mentally retarded women, where they would form an attachment with a mildly retarded woman.Over the succeeding(a) four age, those who had moved had an average IQ gain of 32 points, compared with an average reduction of 21 IQ points for those who remained in the orphanage this difference was still evident 27 years later. This study can be commended for its implications at the time the accepted view was that IQ was constant throughout life, but the study showed that, with the cover treatment, IQ can be significantly improved.Another factor in IQ development is character reference of education. Schweinhart et al.s Perry Pre educate Project provides evidence for this compared to children given no pre-school education, those who had been given quality pre-school education appeared not only when to have improved IQs later in life, but they were also less likely to commit disgust and drop out of towering school. This finding is duplicated by Operation Headstart, which provid ed children from disadvantaged homes with pre-school programs. There was an average IQ gain of 10 points in the first year and, although the IQ scores returned to average levels, subsequent construct such as high school graduation was higher in those who had taken part in the project. This show ups that an increased quality of education may lead to an increase in IQ.Another cultural factor that may influence the development of measured intelligence is a childs home environment. Bradley et al. identify six factors, including parental involvement and the provision of play materials, which were significant in a childs development of intelligence, and called it the HOME inventory. If the HOME score of a child was low, a childs IQ may have declined between 10 and 20 points between the ages 1 and 3, whereas the opposite was true for those with high HOME inventory scores. This theory would be supported by Piaget and Vygotsky, the theories of both of whom suggest that the provision of age -appropriate play materials are likely to improve cognitive development. In addition, Vygotsky emphasises the role of culture in cognitive development, which is real much in line with the HOME inventory study.It may even be that diet is a cultural factor which has an influence on a childs development of intelligence. In a study by Schnthaler & Bier, children who had been given vitamin-mineral supplements performed better on a non-verbal IQ test than those who had been given a placebo. This supports the idea that diet has an influence on intelligence, but it it not necessarily the case that supplements improve IQ the researchers suggested that it was a execrable diet that diminished IQ, and the improved diet restored the cognitive abilities of the children who previously had a poor diet.The idea that it is environmental cultural factors, rather than race and transmissible cultural factors, that have an effect on a childs intelligence test performance is supported by Scarr& Weinber g, who found that both white and black children, when adopted by middle-class white families, performed better on IQ tests at age 7 than the average for their respective ethnic groups. They attributed this improvement to growing up in a culture of tests and schools, and exposure to better healthcare and socialisation.However, in a follow-up study ten years later, it was found that the black childrens IQs were not notably higher than the average for their group, indicating that an upbringing in a white, middle-class home had little or no influence on their intelligence. However, this does not necessarily indicate that it is a genetic cause, since skin colour and intelligence are believed to have very different genetic structures. It may be in indirect genetic influence, in that black children raised in a white home have lower self-expectation, or that they socialise with other black children at school (which may have more of an influence than their white, middle-class home).IQ tests have, however, been heavily criticised for lacking reliability, as an IQ result from one test can vary dramatically with an IQ result from another. Additionally, they have been criticised for universe culturally biased there are many different types of pattern (e.g. language, problem-solving, pattern recognition, reasoning), and some types of thought are more valued in some cultures than in others.This may extend to sub-cultural differences between wad of different socioeconomic status. For example, it has often been found that black American children perform less well on IQ tests than white children, however, Serpell (1979) found that white children performed significantly less well than black children on an IQ test aimed at black Americans. This brings into question the use of IQ tests as a valid regularity of measuring intelligence.

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How the bill of rights have been violated Essay

epitomeSince September 11, 2001 the fear of terrorism has eroded the arights and liberties that define American society. There have been egregious violations of organic rights and international law related to the government response to the attacks of one year ago. The executive director branch of the geological formation has taken control of the whole situation regarding the war on terror by using the Executive Orders and not compromising with the other two branches resulting in seriously compromised constitutional guarantees of both citizens and non-citizens.Example of touchstone of rightsThe previous example pertained to the first, fourth, fifth and sixth amendment rights of the citizens and non citizens, mentioned in the Bill of Rights.Amendment ICongress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the tolerant exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the matter or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petitio n the government for a redress of grievances.Amendment IVThe right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon equiprobable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.Amendment VNo person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime,unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be double put in jeopardy of life or limb nor shall be compelled in any brutal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.Amendme nt VIIn all nefarious prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the democracy and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be sensible of the nature and cause of the accusation to be confronted with the witnesses against him to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.Rights Enforced / DeniedIn this situation the previous rights have been denied. From the USA Patriot Acts overbroad definition of domestic terrorism, to the FBIs new powers of search and surveillance, to the indefinite detention of both citizens and non-citizens without formal charges, the principles of free speech, due process, and equal protection under the law have been seriously undermined. (from the article attached)

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Asian Cultural Heritage

ASIAN CULTURAL HERITAGE The popular and widely known Asiatic Migration Theory of professor H. Otley Beyer about the prehistoric peopling of the Philippines is now considered untenable by upstart scholars. They questione the manner by which the theory was formulated because of the absence of historical or archeological proofs to support it. The Asian texture of Filipino culture from the prehistoric Spanish times, therefore, could be traced to evolutionary factors, the continous migrations of people and the early contacts with opposite Asian civilizations. INDIAN INFLUENCESIndian influences were traceable in the languages, religious belief, literature, customs and traditions of early Filipinos. The Supreme God of the antiquated Tagalog was Bathala, which came from the Sanskrit word Bhattara ( dandy Lord) Among the pre-Islamic natives of Sulu, Indra Battara was the most prominent deity, Indra, being the sky god. The other gods the natives believed were of Indian or Vedic in origin such as Agni (fire god) and Surya (sun god). The epics of the early Filipinos such as the Biag ni Lam-Ang of the ilocanos, Mahabharata, the Indian epic.Some Filipino superstitious beliefs that originated from India were 1. A comet is a bad sign it brings war, famine and other calamities. 2. A pregnant char must not eat twin bananas for she will give birth to twins. The putong (headgear) of the early Filipino antheral was Indian origin. So was the sarong (Indian sari), the lower part of the clothing of pre-Spanish women. Indian influences on Filipino culture atomic number 18 clearly manifested by the presence of Sanskrit words in Tagalog language. Dr. T. H. Pardo de Tavera mentions 340 Sanskrit words. Examples atomic number 18 SanskritTagalog . Atawaasawa (spouse) 2. Amaama (father) 3. Raharaha (king) 4. Harihari (king) 5. Kottakuta (fort) 6. Gandaganda (beauty) 7. Bhattarabathala (god) 8. Mutyamutya (pearl) 9. Inaina (mother) MALAYAN INFLUENCES The Maragtas For lack of historica l or archeological data, the Maragtas or the great tale about the Ten Bornean Datus who came to Panay may be part-history and part-fiction. According to this great story, at around 1250 AD, ten datus and their families left Borneo to escape the repressive rule of Sultan Makatunaw and to establish virgin homes across the seas.Led by Datu Puti, the Malays landed in Panay Island where they negotiated with Marikudo, the Negrito king for the barter of the lowlands. The agreed price was one grand salakot for the Ati king and one gold necklace for Maniwangtiwang, Marikudos wife. The barter of Panay was sealed by an agreement of friendship among the Atis and the Malays. The Negritos, after performing their merry songs and dances, re interact to the mountains. There argon some interesting coincidences, however, between the fable of Maragtas and Panay customs and traditions.To this day, the ati-atihan, a colorful song and dance festival is celebrated in Aklan. This is to re-enact the warm take accorded to the Malays by the Atis, which resulted to the purchase of Panay. W. H. Scott, the American missionary, in his doctoral dissertation (1968) comments There is no reason to uncertainness that this legend (Maragtas) preserves the memory of an actual event, but it is not possible to date the event itself, or to decide which of the details ar historical facts, and which are the embellishments of generations of oral transmission. CHINESE INFLUENCES The Chinese, who came to the Philippines, whether as traders or settlers, were originally interested in trade, so their influences on Filipino life were mainly economic and social. The early Filipinos intentional from the Chinese the art of metallurgy, the manufacture of gunpowder, mining methods and the use of porcelain, gongs, umbrellas, lead and kites. From the Chinese originated the dishes lumpia, mami, okoy, pansit, bihon, chop suey and siopao. Sauces like toyo, and tawsi withal came from the Chinese.Some Chinese cust oms were eventually adopted by the Filipinos. The arrangement of marriage of children by parents, the use of intercessor in negotiating marriage, the use of white clothes or dress during the period of mourning and the filial notice for elders accorded by the children were examples of practices borrowed from the Chinese. About a thousand words are found in the Filipino language. Among them are the following ChineseFilipino 1 Inkongingkong 2 Hebihibi 3 A-chiate 4 Bi-koebiko 5 Dikiamdikiam Pin-topinto 7 Sosisusi 8 Mikimiki 9 Bakkiahbakya 10 Pansitpansit JAPANESE RELATIONS The Filipinos had been trading with the Japanese long before the coming of the Spaniards. Japanese bahan (merchants) and wakos (pirates) sailed the South chinaware Sea seeking for Sung and Yuan wares buried in Philippines graves, iron and woolens for Filipino gold and wax. The Japanese immigrants who came to the Philippines during the pre-Spanish times settled at the mouth of the Cagayan River, the Lingayen Gulf ar ea, and Manila.The first recorded encounter between the Japanese and the Spaniards was in 1572 when Juan de Salcedo, while sailing from Manila to Ilocos, fought off three Japanese junks off the coast of Pangasinan. The Japanese pirates sailed away, after fierce fighting. In 1582, an expedition led by Captain Juan Pablo Carreon assaulted a Japanese closure founded by the pirate Tayfusa at the mouth of Cagayan River. The Japanese were forced to leave the place. The early Japanese merchants alike traded with Agoo, a town in the Lingayen Gulf area.They brought with them utensils, assorted weapons, salted meats and other Japanese were better treated and nodiscrimatory decrees were made against them. The Spaniards respected and feared them. ARABIC INFLUENCES Arabias most enduring legacy to the peoples of Sulu and Mindanao is Islam. The Arabs also introduced the sultanate form of government, Arabic art and literature the Arabic alphabet the Koranic Law the mosque the art of warfare- lant aka(cannon), vinta(warboat) and the kuta(fort).The Luwaran, a code of laws and compiling of the customs and traditions of the early Muslims, was written in Arabic. The Maranaos Darangan (epic poetry), Maguindanaos Indarapatra and Sulayman and Sulus Parang Sabil were deeply inspired by Islam. Arabic influence is also clearly seen in the decorative and ornamental art of the maranaos, who are the outgo known wood carvers and painters of the region. Arabic words are also found in the Filipino language. Examples are surat(letter), apu(old man), akma (appropriate), arak (wine), alamat (legend), maalem (knowing), pirate (scar) and salam (thanks).

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Analytical Paper about the article Why there is no 'southern problem' Essay

Analytical Paper about the article Why there is no southern problem. On environmental leaders and laggards in the European Un - Essay ExampleOn environmental Leaders and Laggards in the European Union). Thesis Statement This discussion intends to identify the argument which is do by the author relating to the article that is principally based upon the non-compliance with the EU based environmental laws. Moreover, the evidences which are utilize by the author in supporting the argument forget be discussed. Various significant aspects which stage the judgment about the evidence, whether, it is strong or weak and the grounds of agreeing or not agreeing with the argument will also be portrayed in the discussion. A Brief Analysis of the Argument In recounting to the article, it has been viewed that the author made several arguments focusing upon the reality that non-adherence with the environmental laws be to EU is considered to be a southern problem. ... Moreover, the author also argued that the problem took place due to shortage in the administrative capacities for effectually implementing EU based environmental policies. It has been viewed in the article that the southern member provinces of EU did not possess adequate technical know-how, potential working staffs and well-structured infrastructures for applying as well as enforcing EU environmental based legislative policies. The author suggested that the southern member provinces belong to EU should implement environmental policies capably for the purpose of developing their financial progression, increasing economic interests and most significantly generating employment. The effective execution of the EU environmental schemes or policies would ultimately promote the economic advancement of the unlike southern member provinces belonging to EU as well as enhance their environmental quality level by a greater extent. The author identified a significant reason which eventually restricted the southern membe r provinces of EU to implement EU environmental based policies effectively. The significant reason was that the southern member provinces belonging to EU possessed the political systems which were conventionally dominated by clientelism, disrespect and patronage for the public authority. On the basis of the article, the author argued that there lays significant disparities in meeting with the EU environmental laws throughout the different European member provinces which cannot be escorted by a simple north-south separation. The other argument which is made by the author in the article is that the relative study of the execution of the different environmental policies belonging to EU

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Operations Management in Action Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Operations Management in Action - Essay ExampleThese be the same operational issues affecting Zorro Organization.Operations management has the touch on role responsibility of ensuring that an organizations business operations are both efficient and effective. cogency is directed on reduction of wastage, delays and improvement of services and goods offered to a client such that they are of towering quality. This requires designing a system that will ensure smooth running of operations. As Lee (2009) clear puts it, the very first stage is to design an operations system. Here, Zorro Organization determines the kind of service they are sack to offer as per the clients instructions. The service to be offered in such a charge that it will not overuse the organizations resources, but it should also be operational and sate the customers needs.The next thing is planning how the resources available will be used to ensure that the service offered is up to the customers standards. To off er some services, more resources in terms of staff and time are required. The management plans this during this stage so that the customer gets all the required services on time. The very withstand stage is working with the various staff or teamwork to offer the service. This information was obtained from the human resource charabanc of Zorro Organization.Having looked at how the operations management system of Zorro Organization works, let us now look at some of the problems, issues and challenges it encounters. One of the major problems is globalization there are so many regions in the piece and in each region, there is a difference in operations management. Each region has its get unique strategy in operations management. This leaves the organization with the question whether their facilities in different parts of the realism should use their own operation management systems or uniformity should be inherited from the mother company. For instance, in some

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Legal Transplants in Todays Global World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Legal Transplants in Todays Global World - Essay ExampleAmidst the debate, one thing is clear - transplanting foreign rules requires extreme point caution and thorough consideration because despite the success of early European countries with it, efficacious transplants are not for everyone. However, with the advent of globalization and the increasing integration of national economies as a result of it, legal transplants wealthy person become not only a trend, but a rule at times. As this physical composition will argue, globalization, as a driving force for economic integration, has influenced the growth of legal transplants and created both ceremonious and informal institutions that are forcing countries to hastily, if not blindly, copy foreign commercial laws with little consideration to the countrys culture and diachronic experience, thus rendering the transplant unsuccessful.Brings laws and legal cultures into more direct, frequent, intimate, and often complicated and stre ssed contact. It influences what legal professionals necessitate and need to know about foreign law, how they transfer, acquire, and process nurture, and how decisions are made.This influence bear aways effect in devil ways. ... Triggered by the desire for a better investment climate in their home country and a more market-oriented home economy to aid in their business endeavors, these individuals can pressure local legal professionals to carry better commercial and economic laws utilized in early(a) jurisdictions. Thus, the increased flow of information brought about by a globalised initiation can influence those individuals who are directly affected by these laws, who in turn influence the politicians and law makers who supply them. Faced with pressures from those who demand better economic and commercial laws, lawmakers often result to legal transplants because of the simplicity and efficiency of the process of adopting these laws compared to the harrowing course that can take place in creating new ones. A second effect of globalization is the external pressures that come from other countries, international organizations, and trade associations, forcing legal transplants on countries in an effort to create a harmonized world economy. One of the consequences of globalization is the need to harmonize economic laws the world over to facilitate a more efficient global trading environment and create free markets. As a result, international organizations corresponding the World Trade Organization (WTO) force countries, wanting to be members to adopt certain economic laws to sustain the countrys trading environment. Another international organization, International Monetary Fund (IMF), also forces countries wanting their assistance for loans to adopt certain policies that have been proven effective in most developed countries. In this regard, globalization has in effect created institutions that induce legal transplants, if not force them, on developing c ountries. Thus, a legal

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Statistical Tool for Financial Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Statistical Tool for Financial - look for Paper ExampleHowever initial offerings problems affect not simply corporations but also start-up companies facing voltaic pile of obstacles, including the cost of Compliance with Sarbanes Oxley. Modern corporate finance however unanimously points to a formidable bank vault Portfolio executive directors. Considering that the timing of an IPO will be driven by company issue and market conditions, we concord based our assumptions for an efficient portfolio strategy on improving capital markets with IPOs hoping to maximise their wealth. With a rapid growth of issuers activity on the cable markets, expected to continue in the next few years, we have use Time Warner Cable unit for this case study. If Section 1 illustrates and develops the implications of a newly created portfolio detailing executive level strategic financial decisions for the following year, Section 2 is more focused on the supposition of decision planning as well as on its effects in case of low corporate governance decisions. We have based the risk-return characteristics of our rolling portfolio investment strategy on stocks bought and held for up to oneness year. Although the average long-run portfolio return is low and in line with market reactions to security offer announcements, this IPO stocks appear as long-shots, securing a buy-and-hold returns of 1,000 percent. In line with average NASDAQ market capitalization our IPO watertight exhibits relatively high stock turnover and low leverage, contributing to lower systematic risk exposures. To dismember the implications of these strategic decisions, we have based our assessment on globally acknowledged peer-reviewed research and theory. Our conclusions are eventually presented in Section 3.1. Newly created portfolio strategy and executive-level strategic financial decision makingThe acknowledgement that flipping is multipurpose in helping to create liquidity may convince an executive team tha t focusing resources intimately exclusively on a few late-stage assets is a wise move. Measuring value and risk at portfolio level can contribute to appropriately capture the portfolio strategic risk and induce executives dissatisfied with the live status quo to dismantle if they intend to leave corporate strategic risk management and diversification only to shareholders and markets or how an independent growth path can be possible in their high-risk business. To analyse these issues it is important to develop a structured court that helps senior executives better understand the impact of portfolio decisions on risk and value of the corporate or therapy area level portfolios. Therefore we have based our approach on assessing a strategy of purchasing and holding successive IPO stocks receives an expected return commensurable with risk. Usually this can be achieved by creating different market scenarios reflecting uncertainty around the product compose and resulting in a Risk an d Value plot at the portfolio level. In consideration of the above, we have assessed this portfolio by using the Markowitz two assets portfolio model. Clearly when managing a very active investment portfolio against a well-defined benchmark, the aspiration of the manager should be to generate a return that exceeds that of the benchmark while minimizing the portfolios return volatility relative to the benchmark. Assuming a portfolio of assets

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The Response (film) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Response (film) - Essay ExampleThe officers view classified evidence in the case while on the other hand, the detainee does not posit any head of the evidence. Further, while the judges have adequate information on the person easy the accusation of the individual, the individual is equally dismayed. According to the American government, releasing such information would undermine the internal security of the United States. If through a miracle of science all the leaders and philosophers of the ancient and pure domain have convened to advise the Judge Advocates General deciding on the status of their prisoner in the movie, The Response, dissimilar elements would play key in this judgement. The verdict would find the suspect innocent, if the evidence provided by the ancient and classical thinkers is anything to go by. While seeking for the verdict of the case, this essay will consider the thoughts of the ancient and classical thinkers, Augustine and Hammurabi. in that respect is no exact distinction between power and constabulary of nature in the control of the society, argues Cheng (4). Differentiating between the ii in essence makes little sense, if indeed there is any. If anything, power and righteousness act simultaneously. While law comes through power, as the powerful play a big role in the development of the laws, the portraiture of these laws is thus a sign of honor to the laws of the land. Whenever there is the mention of law, people associate it with justice and power. It is unthinkable to think about law without power. Subsequently, it would be unthinkable if people were to think of law that has no marrow in the society. As power seeks to control and run the social world in a good manner, any obedience of law in itself is a form of obedience to power (Cheng 4). In the past, law came from the powerful people, with adequate influence in the society. They had to be people worth of respect. People who developed law were of high integrity and of unquestionable character. People like Augustine, who came up with

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English Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

English - show ExampleThis paper is a critical evaluation of food insecurity in Nigeria, detailing the causes, effect as well as responses being made to solve the dilemma. Food Insecurity in Nigeria Nigeria is a West African country, where food insecurity has continued to compromise the health and lives of citizens especi whollyy children, who ar approximately under attack(predicate). Statistics indicate that more than 40% of children in the country are suffering from chronic malnutrition, which is a major threat to the future of this generation (Omotor 2009). This is due to the fact that malnutrition is a common recipe for poor growing and development in children, which may lead to poor academic performance and intellectual development. It is sad to stigmatise that the government of Nigeria is doing little to rescue these children. One way of doing this would be to introduce a free feed system in government schools, whereby these children would be provided at least with a s ingle meal containing all the basic requirements of a balanced diet. In this context, the government should observe what countries such as Ghana are dealing with malnutrition in school going children. Apparently, Ghana has already put the system to work, with the government allocating $347.4 gazillion to the program, which will be running for 5 years (Alderman 2009). It is said that the government of Nigeria had plans to execute a alike program but it has been observed that such a plan was never implemented hence the lavishly rate of malnutrition in children. It may be important to note that approximately 60% of Nigerias people is malnourished (Omotor 2009). Rural urban migration in Nigeria is also a problem, which has contributed significantly to food insecurity in the country. This is due to the fact that it encourages the movement of young and able bodied citizens from the cracker-barrel areas, leaving the weak and the vulnerable people to engage in food production. It is i mportant to note that, in order to realize executable food production, a farmer requires putting a lot of efforts in caring for the crops thus the arrest on for manpower to perform activities such as weeding, spraying pesticides, harvesting among others. In this context, Nigerian farmers in the rural areas are faced with scarcity of human resources, which has resulted to an increase in wages demanded by manual laborers, who take advantage of the high demand for their services. Consequently, this has made it difficult for farmers to afford the costs, especially due to the poverty factor, such that they have developed a habit of skipping these important activities (Olayemi 2003). The government has played a major power in facilitating this problem due to the fact that it has neglected the rural areas by failing to improve mixer amenities and infrastructure, which has continued to discourage people, especially young school leavers, from settling in these areas. Lack of decentalis ation of resources and Corruption in the government have been identified as major contributing factors, which have slowed cut out development such that majority of roads especially in the rural areas are in original disrepair or absent all together. With impassable roads, it becomes difficult and expensive to transport farm products form producing areas to the markets, which have with high fuel prices results to increased food

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Expressionism and Harold Pinters Plays Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Expressionism and Harold Pinters Plays - Essay ExampleExpressionism is the term used to learn many different hang ons of artwork including paintings, sculptures, film and plays, that in some way distort cosmos for stimulated effect. Painters can use expressionist techniques to blur solid lines, play with light or change the nervus facialis features on a portrait so that the viewer gets a real sense of the emotion of the piece fear, despair, love (Murphy, 1999, 40). By working with expressionist techniques instead of using realism, many artists feel more suitable of portraying the proper feeling of their pieces than if everything were to appear perfectly lifelike. Expressionism is meant to dig beneath a realistic bulge and expose what lies beneath.In terms of the theatre, most primordial expressionist plays are credited to German playwrights of the early 20th century. Writers much(prenominal) as Georg Kaiser and Ernst Toller were two of the most successful early expressionist ic playwrights their exploit quickly spread to other countries including America where this style of theatre was considered very trendy in the 1920s (Valgamae, 1972, 1-15). Plays such as these relied heavily on the ability of the actors as they were often scripted to over-dramatise emotional states and to literalise illustration many expressionistic plays focused on the dramatisation of a protagonists spiritual awakening or suffering. A good example of an expressionist play can be found in Oskar Kokoschkas 1909 Murderer, The Hope of Women. In this production, Kokoschkas characters remain unnamed throughout in an effort to focus the attentions of the audience to the more obscure themes. The populace and the Woman are engaged in a power struggle and during the course of the play homophile brands Women, who in turn imprisons Man (1909). The entire play is set up as a strictly connotative and emotional look at what might well be a normal consanguinity between a man and a woman. Li ke other expressionist forms of art, theatre focuses on the reality behind the everyday, and achieves this with the use of literalism, metaphor and hyperbole. Harold PinterPinter is an English playwright who has been active for several decades in various facets of the composing world. Aside from writing 29 well-received portray plays, he has written 26 screenplays and a myriad of tuner and television plays as well as having acted on stage himself. Pinter began his writing travel as a teenage poet, but soon found himself on stage in the 1950s he enjoyed an acting career under the name David Baron but eventually writing overtook his desire to pursue acting. His playwriting is very atypical in both Pinters approach as a writer and in its materialisation on stage these plays earned him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2005 (Peacock, 1997, 13-33).Pinter has been politically active since he became a conscientious demonstrator at 18 since then the writer has participated in the UKs Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the British Anti-Apartheid Movement and the Playwrights in Apartheid Protest. He has been very active in International PEN (International Poets, Essayists and Novelists), a group of diverse writers from nearly the world who promote the use of literature in crossing cultural borders. Currently Pinter is a particle of the Cuban Solidarity

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THE ROLE OF IMF IN THE INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL ECONOMY AND HOW IT PLAYS A ROLE ON THE government AND ECONOMICS IN NIGERIA AND CAME - Research Paper ExampleThat is whether the nations would have per create better without IMF or whether they had influence in preventing the prosperity of the changes suggested by IMF. The economic and political state of the nations due to IMF influence at present and the opinions why or why not did the nations recover are in addition discussed. What IMF is International Monetary inventory (IMF) is a globular institution that offers monetary assistance and advice to member nations. IMF came into existence at the conclusion of area War II, because of the Bretton Woods Meeting in 1945. It was formed out of demand to curb economic crises much(prenominal) as the Great Depression. The institution has turned to an enduring organization integral to the formation of monetary markets globally and to the development of the growing nations (Tenney & Norman, 20 11, 149). What IMF does The job of IMF is of three major kinds Surveillance includes the supervising of economic and monetary growths, and the fling of rule advice, targeted mainly at crisis-avoidance. IMF as well lends to nations with rest period of payments hardships, to offer temporary funding and to support rules targeted at rectifying the underlying challenges. Loans to low revenue nations are in addition targeted mainly at penury lowering. ... IMF as well plays a significant role in the battle against funds laundering and hysteria (Fritz-Krockow & Parmeshwar, 2007, 2). Origins and original aims of IMF IMF is a global institution that was started in 1944 at the Bretton Woods Meeting and officially formed during 1945 by twenty-nine member nations. IMFs expressed objective was to aid in the rebuilding of the eye sockets global payment system after World War II. Nations contribute funds to a pool by a quota scheme from which nations with payment disparities may scrounge money temporarily. By this business and others like observation of its members economies and the requirement for personal-rectifying rules, IMF does job to enhance the economies of its member nations. IMF defines itself like an institution of one degree centigrade and eighty eight nations, doing job to foster international financial cooperation, protect monetary steadiness, enable global trade, support great employment and maintainable economic development, and lower poverty across the sphere. Its headquarters are in Washington, D.C., United States. The original aims of IMF included Offering a forum for cooperation on global financial challenges Enable the development of global trade, therefore supporting job formation, economic development, and poverty lowering nourish exchange rate steadiness and an open scheme of global payments and Loaning nations extraneous exchange when required, on a temporary basis and under sufficient securities to aid them handle balance of payments challen ges (Jacobsen & Ramesh, 2008, 268). Success and failures of IMF vision Global trade grew rapidly from the 1950s. There was

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Melbourne Target research raport Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Melbourne Target raport - Research Paper interpreterThe business assigned to this DMO is to increase the public image or tourism to Melbourne.Melbourne is Victorias prime tourist finis and is the gateway to Regional Victoria. It is the cultural capital and the second largest city of Australia. Overlooking the mien Philip Bay, Melbourne attracts a large number of both national and international visitors. It has places of historical and cultural interest, apart from the obtain malls situated alongside the parks and gardens (Totally Australia, 2010). The city is now seen as the nations leading destination for style, romance, cafs, bars and darknesslife (Destination Melbourne, 2009). Melbourne boasts of world class restaurants and theatres and is considered the top Australian destination for shopping. It has the potential to be the main get of entry for overseas tourists. However, Melbourne has not been able to attract international students because of growing violence issues (AB C News, 2010). This image should not impact the tourism sector.Thus, to develop Melbourne as a prime destination, it is essential to evaluate the demographics, the needs and wants of the customers that atomic number 18 keen to visit Melbourne. Based on this study, the marketing strategy to promote Melbourne as a tourist destination will be devised.The biggest age group among the domestic overnight tourists (21.9%) that traveled to Melbourne in the category ended March 2010 was 35 to 44 years followed by 45 to 54 years (20.4%) and 55 to 64 years (15.4%). Approximately 20.9% Australians prefer to visit Melbourne (Destination Melbourne, 2009). Almost 46% of the visitors prefer to stay the night with friends or relatives while 17.4% of the visitors look for hotels or inn below 4-star category. Those looking for luxury hotel or revivify comprise of 16.5 percent. While at Melbourne, people love to eat out (66.7%). Domestic tourism brings in $4.6 billion in Melbourne and the average spe nd per night is

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Review the literature and evidence for or against the effectiveness of Essay

look back the literature and evidence for or against the stiffness of packaging as an important part of tobacco promotion. With spare reference to Australia - Essay Exampleigarettes or other tobacco products should carry no advertising or promotion, including design features that make products attractive (Voon, Mitchell, and Liberman, 2012, p. 38).White, Webster, and Wakefield (2008) investigated the impact of introducing the graphic warning labels of health on the adolescents and found that the ceremonious and experimental adolescent smokers were more likely to consider quitting smoking. The researchers also found lower intentions of smoking among students that discussed the parvenu labels of warning with one another. The use of stronger warning labels on the packaging of cigarettes in Australia led to an increase in the population of people that reported that the warning had always caught their attention by 29 per cent (Borland, 1997).The packaging of cigarettes has a signifi cant impact on the tendency of people to smoke. According to the results of a survey that was carried aside to investigate the transaction times of tobacco in 100 different suburban retail outlets in Perth before and after playing field packaging of cigarettes found that the transaction times of most retailers were reduced because of plain packaging, that suggests increased sales of cigarettes (BMJ, 2013). This is why packaging has been used for many years to generate evocative images such as luxury, freedom, glamour, status and masculinity and femininity (World Heart Federation, n.d., p. 5).Graphic warnings on the packaging of cigarettes in Australia include education on the potential ways of quitting smoking like website addresses and quitline numbers. Use of this strategy has been found to be effective in encouraging the smokers to quit smoking (, n.d., p. 4). This can be estimated from the fact that after the pictorial labels were introduced with the quitli ne reading on the packaging of cigarettes in Australia in the year 2006, a two-fold increase in the rate of callers of quitline was sight in comparison to the two preceding

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Lab report on deception Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

On john - Lab Report ExampleHowever, the administering of even these scientifically-based tests has come under increasing fire. For example, polygraph results were barred from the trial of a U.S. trial of a federal judge as recently as December of 2008 (Assoicated Press, 2008). If such a scientifically-based device has come under such scrutiny and has been routinely barred from legal proceedings, it begs the question of whether an unaided human can detect lying merely by observing the subject.In their 1996 study, Vrij and Semin examined this question by recruiting not only college students, but also subjects from a variety of fields thought to be proficient and experienced in dwell detection (police patrol officers, prison guards, customs officials, etc.) as well as those constantly exposed to an environment based on lies and conjury (prisoners). It was their hypothesis that law enforcement officials would be pause at lie detection than normal people such as college students a nd that the criminals would have superior abilities to those of law enforcement. All of the subjects reported that they considered themselves highly experienced at detecting deception (Vrij & Semin, 1996). Vrij and Semin administered their study through a series of questionnaires administered at the subjects places or work or incarceration. These questionnaires contained questions ranging over 16 nonverbal cues commonly associated with deception and concluded with the subjects rating themselves on their ability to detect deception in others on a 7-point scale. The results were compiled by group (college student, law enforcement, or criminal) and then analysed for the consecutive. As predicted, the criminals exhibited the greatest level of accuracy in flop identifying nonverbal cues of deception. It was also found that there was not a significant difference between the accuracy rates of law enforcement and college students, indicating that those considering themselves professional lie detectors fell victim to the same misconceptions on nonverbal cues as a lay person (Vrij & Semin, 1996).While Vrij and Semins study does provide useful data that professional lie detectors have no superior knowledge of deceptive nonverbal cues than the rest of us, it does lack in that no(prenominal) of the subjects were actually tested in their ability to detect deception. This study will address that lack by actually testing whether or not subjects can detect deception through nonverbal cues, in particular by focusing on voice pitch. It is predicted that such attention to nonverbal cues will detect deception at a higher rate than chance and that those observers relying on voice pitch as a deceptive cue will be more accurate than observers relying on other nonverbal cues.MethodsA pool of 761 subjects was recruited consisting of 454 females and 307 males who were informed that they would be participating in an undergraduate psychology tutorial study. These subjects ranged in come on from 17 to 56 years with a mean age of 19.77 years and a standard release of 2.58 years. For this study, each subject was instructed to tell a story to another subject. This narrative could either be true or false and the observer