Sunday, February 24, 2019

Possible Solutions to Self-Harm

Enter title here A large number of the great unwashed in western society have found egotism-mutilation as a nitty-gritty to escape from the problems haunting their everyday life. The recreate of cutting oneself- richness has been proven to release chemical compounds into the body to momentarily clear the headland of much(prenominal) problems. These compounds, known as endorphins, relieve the body of whatever stress and stress that is undergone in the individuals life.Harming ones self is a serious problem that mustiness be assessed and treated in an appropriate mode that will not only stop the fiddle inwardly the individual but also remove the source of such trauma in their life. The cause of such actions has been known to come in from a large multitude of personal problems. Problems such as an incommensurable household, difficulties within a persons social background, or sluice the image they see within themselves. Professor Keith Hawton oversaw a study interpreted ove r the amount of adolescents who admitted to inflicting harm upon themselves.His survey took place in xli schools involving 6,020 subjects aged fifteen to sixteen. The results were that 398 (6. 8%) participants reported an act of deliberate self harm in the past year (Hawton 2002). According to the results, more females admitted to this act than males. Of those females who were accountable to deliberate self-harm, they confessed the causes being their friends, self harm by family members, drug misuse, depression, anxiety, impulsivity, and low self esteem (Hawton 2002).The factors found within the males were drug use, self-destructive behavior found within their friends and family, and low self-esteem. Patricia and Peter Adler discuss the cause that undergone by the individual through the expectations of those around that person. In their writing, The Glorified egotism the Adlers present how a society creates an image of those within it and the imperativeness lay upon those people create an inner conflict between their desire for recognition, flattery, and importance and the inclination to keep feeding this self-affirming element (Adler 195).As society continues to surround the individual, the pressure increases as the person begins to take on a role which they whitethorn not feel is best suited for them, yet must be upheld in order to feel better accepted within their society. such(prenominal) expectations are found in those closest to that person parents, siblings, friends or anyone who could impress that persons life. These expectations can create a dilemma within the individual, whether they wish to be who they want or who they are required to be.Through the centre of deciding on they wish to become, the troubled person begins to turn extraneous from the sources of their problems and look for a quick escape. That escape varies among the individual experiencing such complications in their life, anything from substance abuse to physic anyy abusing their own body. The human body finds whatever means necessary in order to cope with the difficulties presented in their life. This header mechanism is the brains way of releasing the stress that builds up over time from competeing with whatever obstacles that are laid pop before the person.In order to stop such actions taking place, the source of the problem(s) must then be removed, or tuned down enough to no lasting give the desire for the person to find a momentary escape. Removing all sources of responsibilities in a persons life is nearly impossible. kinda of removing the source of the problem, a more possible solution is to show the people undergoing such problems that they arent alone in their responsibilities. Giving out a hand to those in need will show them that they dont need to hold their problems to themselves.Encourage a troubled individual to express their fears, problems, and concerns in hopes that in doing so, that person may then be able to support that as tough as things may be, they are never alone. another(prenominal) way to relieve stress in a positive manner is meditation. True this seems like it wont do much, but that runty amount of peace in your day can help you deal with or even release stress (Alvarez 2012). There are unbounded ways to combat the problems in an individuals life, remedies that expand anyplace from eating healthy to taking a few minutes in their day to meditate or exercise.Sources Cited Adler, Patricia A. , and Peter Adler. The Glorified Self. Social Theory. Ed. Roberta Garner. second ed. S. l. Univ Of Toronto, 2009. 195-207. Print. Alvarez, Manny. 10 Ways to Relieve Stress Naturally. Newsgroup. Fox News. Fox News, 9 Aug. 2012. Web. 31 Mar. 2013. Hawton, Keith. Deliberate Self Harm in Adolescents Self key Survey in Schools in England. Ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/. National Center for Biotechnology Information, 23 Nov. 2002. Web. 31 Mar. 2013.

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