Sunday, February 24, 2019

Daily Time Record

This alter Student Attendance Daily Time evidence focuses on the imbibe hold of to design a system of rules that entrust automatically arrange the disposition and calculate the average attention of severally educatee. A well-conceived and implemented alter pupil temperament system can reduce the costs of intervention the paperwork associated with personality keeping. Manual attending enter system is not businesslike and requires cartridge holder to arrange record and to calculate the average attendance of each individual student. Automated Student Attendance Daily Time Record is intended to replace the manual model of attendance record keeping.Our enlighten using ball pen or log book to record a attendance this system need a computer and the student will record his attendance with a password and the system will arrange the record and calculate the average attendance of the student. The system contains attendance record in electronic files containing details of abs ence or forepart of a specific student enrolment during a semester. Attendance records pass on been collected on paper forms and verified with hand written signatures.However, the increase demand for automated student attendance daily judgment of conviction record should be implemented as soon as possible in order to reduce the costs of handling the paper works with record keeping. This system described in this document should be implemented to a fault in different naturalise and all automated systems must issue forth the standard procedures. This project will try to organize the current instill attendance record system that will be much quicker and will save time. Statement of the Problem The study was conducted to some school that does not have automated student information daily time record.Specific Problem. Does our some school have this system? What is the importance of having this loving of system? Is there any summary report for the attendance each week or after the s emester? Is the system reliable to keep all the attendance records? Objective Design and create a system that could calculate and get the average attendance of the student more efficient, reliable and less time in a semester. Specific objective Create a system the will calculate the average of attendance of each of individual student Arrange the record accordingly. Reduce the costs of handling the paperwork associated with record keeping.

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