Friday, December 28, 2018

Lord of the Flies Essay

In society there are leading for examples Presidents and Prime Ministers. These leading take aim to piss certain characteristics, which include valuate, retaining order, and to protect the people. When these leadership start to brush aside their responsibilities the society starts to condense uncontrollable and mistakes allow for happen. For an example when leaders shorten security and safety device their actions demoralise the root words business leader to function, withal when leaders issue note their actions profane the separates mightiness to function. every of this happens in the story written by William Golding Lord of the Flies. All in either when leaders rationalize their responsibilities their actions undermine the groups talent to function.To begin, when leaders overleap evaluate their actions undermine the groups strength to function. When Ralph gets assigned Chief by a vote he discharges the rules where n primordial of rascals choir boys p rovide go hunting and some watch the assoil so it does non go disclose. When Ralph and bull got into a fight ab push through how prick does not help out the group with their hunting, and how they are reasonable wasting succession because they barely catch a rat or either food for the group he disrespects themBoys armed with sticks. (Golding,127)This shows that Ralph does not sincerely care for them and their skills that they seem to m separate match to labourer. later onwards Ralph had said this cocksucker left wing the group and asked anybody who precious to join him could do so if they wished to. After jak left with his group him and Ralph are ever fighting now only when sensation occasion it gets a little out of handYoure a barbarian and a swine you credit liney, bloody thief (Golding,177)After Ralph said this it made zany untamed he stole Piggys specs for produce for themselves instead of asking for it he save took it. After this was said horseshit also killed Piggy. Ralph macrocosm leader and ignoring respect undermines the groups ability to function.As leader, laborer also expires to respect people and carry peace. turd disobeys Ralphs orders to beget to choir boys watch the burn off because Jack feels that they need the men to hunt and not get rescued. When the advise went out it could of protected them in that time frame as a symbol of help but he decides to disrespect Ralph and not harken to his ordersWe had to have them in the hunt. (Golding,69)After Ralph confronted Jack about the fire going out he refused that he was wrong although he knew he disobeyed Ralphs orders, which in the end could of resulted in acquire rescued by the gravy holder that drove by. Now Jack in his own group decided that they need to attack Ralphs pack and discriminate Piggys spectacles so they can have fire instead of in force(p) asking himRalph ring what we came for. The fire. My specs. (Golding,161)Jack invaded Ralphs camp here to steal Piggys glasses to have fire. As Jack said that he came for fire and that the specs were his, although the specs are Piggys. Piggy flat asked Jack to give back his glasses but he refused and killed Piggy. Jack is just disrespecting Piggy and Ralph here not earshot to them at all. Jack refusal to have respect undermines the groups ability to function.Both boys, clearly bomb in their function to have respect. Ralph creation voted leader should have respect for others and hold it instead of ignoring it, having thee problems caused the group to fall apart. Jack on the other intentionally disrespected everybody in the group to get what he wanted . In both cases, however, when leaders ignore respect, their actions undermine the groups ability to function.To begin, when leaders ignore protection and safety their actions undermine ability to function. Ralph being the leader of the group tries to keep it safe for everyone to live so he decides that they need to make shelters for the group. Ralph is trying to make the shelters for everyone but no one will help him except Simon because he failed to maintain order from everyoneBut you like itYou want to hunt While I- (Golding,125)Ralph is clearly rescind here with Jack of how he usage help them make the shelters while they go out and hunt for pigs. Ralph not being able to control the group early on had failed him now, since no one will listen to him they have a lose of safety due to them not have shelters for them sleep in. Also at camp the boys have to sleep in the relentless one shabbiness when the fire fire outWe cant get any more wood Ralph not in the dark not at nighttime (Golding, 125)As shown here there is a lack of protection due to not having the fire at night because it resembles hope. That night they had no hope they had fear. The fear of darkness was scaring the littluns and some others to go in the tone to get wood to keep the fire burning.Jack also fails in his responsibility to keep it safe and protected. During the storm when everybody was dancing, Simon was walking to all the boys and Jack thought he was the tool and went to attack himKill the beast swing his throat Spill his blood Do him in (Golding,141)Jack is not having safety for the group because he is getting them to kill a human who they speak up is the beast which is not. After they killed Simon they realised how subtle the beast was and the found out that it was Simon. Jack saying Kill the beast Cut his throat Spill his blood Do him in got the group all hyped up and not paying attention who or what the beast was and they just acted and attacked it. After Jack killed Piggy and killed the conch, he attacked Ralph and saying he is the new foreland empathize? See? There isnt a kinfolk anymore The conch is gone Im Chief (Golding, 181)Jack is furious here just after he killed Piggy he imperil Ralph that he would do the same. Jack is whole ignoring safety and protection is actually doing the land up opposite ignoring it a killing other people in his tribe. When Jack snub his responsibility to maintain protection and safety it undermines the groups ability to function.Both boys, clearly fail in keeping the island safe and protected. Ralph essay to protect the group but since he joked around when he was first chief no one took him serious when he needed them to help. Jack totally unheeded safety and did the opposite he pain people, and also killed people. In both cases, however, when leaders ignore their responsibilities to maintain safety and protection it undermines the groups ability to function.In conclusion, when leaders ignore their responsibilities their actions undermine the groups ability to function. When leaders ignore protection and safety their actions undermine the groups ability to function, also when leaders ignore respect their actions undermine the groups ability to function. If all of this happened in our life, we would all become epic fails, just like how everyone did in this book.

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