Thursday, December 27, 2018

'Are Our Lives Governed by Fate or Free Will Essay\r'

'Our lives argon governed by bump pass on. In the books Chinese Cinderella and Twisted the main characters use their free pull up stakes to make choices that soak up consequences on their lives.\r\nChinese Cinderella, by Adeline Yen Mah\r\nChinese Cinderella is a story of a Chinese girl growing up shanghai and Hong Kong in the 1940’s.\r\nAdeline was made to feel that her fork out was the reason her mother died. Her siblings doomed her and her fuss and stepmother had no interest in her. She worn-out(a) most her childhood at embarkation enlightens. Although Adeline was sent to boarding school she bland used her own free go away to chose to study hard and excel in school. Adeline chose to continue to do well in school with the hope of gaining her parent’s attention.\r\nDespite all of the unsound things that happened to Adeline she go along to strive to be the best in school. She chose to spend her cadence reading and doing homework. She authorized many awa rds. She used her free will to enter an international playwriting contest and she won. The firmness of purpose was that her name was published in the paper and this got her tyro’s attention. Adeline used this as an opportunity to ask to go to college. Her father agreed. Although her father selected her career as a doctor she was so happy to have the opportunity.\r\nTwisted, by Laurie Halse Anderson\r\nTyler used his free will to spray paint on the school property. There were consequences for his actions. He had to do community service to pay for the damage, he got a probation officer and got his license taken away.\r\nTyler played out alot of time being the victim. His father blamed him for most of the bad things that happened. He let things happen to him until one day he realized he could take go over of his look. Tyler used his free will when he dropped out of the AP classes, started attending all of his classes, returned the stolen keys to the shop steward and apol ogized for stealing them, stood up to Chip, spoke with his probation officer about the consequences of attending the party when he was on probation and stood up to father when he blamed Tyler for getting fired.\r\nThe result of Tyler’s action to take control of these aspects of his life is it provides him with self-esteem. This juvenile confidence gets rid of the bad thoughts he had (like killing himself).\r\nTyler chose to spend his time playing a video feisty Tophet. The point of the game was to make his monstrosity (Gormley) powerful enough to make it thru 66 levels of torment. In the end he succeeds and is given over a choice to become the new lord of darkness or be reincarnated. He realizes the importance of choosing wisely.\r\n'

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