Tuesday, March 26, 2019

To the Marketing Manager :: Business and Management Studies

To the Marketing ManagerIntroductionThe caress sustenance grocery store has experienced steady growth for years anddespite a nice decline in pet ownership, pet intellectual nourishment sales contractincreased. This is especially true for goofball food sales, which reflectsthe fact that cats are outpacing dogs late but steady.As the trend is going towards pets being treated as a part of thefamily, they deserve food that is equal in the bearing to human dishes.These and other factors are the foundation of our report on entrancethe promising cat food market.MainThe current cat food market is dominated by 2 multinational players,namely damage (Masterfoods) with a share of 40% of the market and Nestl(Friskies UK) with 41 %. (Mintel, 2002). As these firms wareestablished their position on a solid basis, it is recommended toavoid cultivate competition with these brands. Therefore a strategy basedon arrant(a) specialization seems to be the best way to enter the market,therefor e introducing a niche product.We would suggest entering with a highly-specialised, super-premiumproduct for the cat food market, as cats are generally fussy eatersand their owners are willing to go along a great enumerate of money in orderto fill up their pets needs. (Keynote, 2003)Recent statistics have revealed that the trend is going towards instruction on health issues and functionality. The product shouldinclude a certain amount of vitamins and minerals, as well as specialmedical ingredients to strengthen the cats immune system. Furthermorethe product should contain purely of organic fertiliser ingredients. (PFMA)Concerning the product design, theres recently the trend ofhumanisation still when it comes to the recipe. Culinary choicesshould be made available to the consumer, such as alimentary paste and ricedishes and consideration should be taken to suit differentexpectations of pet owners living in different countries, thus havinga different posture due to their culture. Additionally different age types should be targeted separately, as new(a) kittens have different needs and desires than older cats.Kittens may need slight food, resulting in smaller portions, whereas oldcats need special nutrition to cling healthy and live longer. Thisshould be a further element of our specialisation process. (Mars,2003)Great emphasis has been placed on the convenience of the product packet and design, for example single serve trays have proven to bewide accepted amongst pet owners, as they are easy to store and piece of assprovide the right amount for one meal. Re-sealable package, such as bilk sachets, are also very popular, as they provide the owner with figure and keeps the freshness of the food.In order to underline the natural and organic ingredients of the

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