Monday, March 25, 2019

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All the PicturesPotatoes. Instant potatoes at that. This was the meal of the evening. A plastic scroll half filled with a pasty hot goo that claimed to be somehow derived from a potato. Thoughtlessly, Jimmy gulped it down as he stared blankly at his computer screen. On the monitor showed a blank color page, even whiter than his potato mush. The screen was ludicrously devoid of all likeness of some(prenominal) color than white. There was no hint of the black nerve that was supposed to have filled fifteen such screens by now. His barrier motif on the legion(predicate) recurring symbols of questioned manliness in a novel he had read in his English class was overdue the next class, which was in twelve hours to be exact. He was in no hurry to kibosh, or to even start, this task. He was content with his blank complete(a) and eating.This was a typical scene in Jimmys room clothes strewn or so the floor and on his bed, his black chair covered with unread books and separate to his broken fan, his desk in utter disarray and covered with various pieces of paper and assorted plates and glasses from weeks past. In the center of it all always amaze Jimmy, idly staring at his computer screen with a typesetters case that appeared barren of any thought or emotion. Pretty much any night of the week, you could find Jimmy in this exact position, and usually with the uniform meal in his hands and the alike clothes in the same spots. One thing you could say for Jimmy, he was definitely reliable. Yet, he had non always been like this, or so it would seem. If one was so attached to almost physically drag a story out of Jimmy, it would be raucous and amazingly entertaining, and probably filled with divers(prenominal) kinds of liquor and different names of different women. But right after he would finish the story, he would fidget uncomfortably in his computer chair until the interloper of his room grew so uneasy himself that he would leave. He would just sit in his chair in silent boredom with everything about life, with no signs of any intentions to start to do anything about it.On his desk sat many pictures, some of him, some of his friends, some of his dog. Almost without fail, everyone of those pictures had Jimmy or soulfulness else doing something absolutely ludicrous with huge stupid grins on their faces, and enjoying themselves and enjoying life.

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