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Louisa May Alcott and Her Work Essay -- Biography Biographies Essays

Louisa may Alcott and Her Work Louisa May Alcott was a great source of her time and is the perfect example of how mixed messages during the American Renaissance touch on the lives of young women everywhere. In the book detailed Women Louisa gives Marmee the appearance and attitudes of her own re spell, Abba Alcott. Her m opposite once wrote women should assert their, right to think, feel, and live individuallybe something in yourself. In contrast, Louisas bewilder, Bronson Alcott, felt that Louisa was more of a challenge because she was willful like her mother and should be taught to control her impulses. The American Renaissance had a profound effect on Bronson Alcotts educational theories and this in turn affected the life and writings of his daughter Louisa May Alcott. Louisa May Alcott was born in 1832 to Bronson and Abba Alcott. Abba Alcott was the daughter of Colonel Joseph May who was a supporter of womens rights and abolition. Louisa was somew hat spirited, and she came by it naturally, so her father blamed her mother for this. Her father was a transcendentalist, and he believed that his lighter coloring betokened a deeper spirituality and close-set(prenominal) connection to divinity (Saxton 205). Bronson felt Louisa could not control herself because she was born with glowering hair like her mother. He referred to her as the possessed one suffering and bound in chainswhich she could not break(Sanderson 43). This somewhat clashed with his other belief that children were considered blank slates, or tablulae rasae. This theory simply states that the mind is in its hypothetical primary blank or empty state befo... ...ffered her untold time to think about schooling and childrearing. So her book fiddling Women is almost an autobiographical account of her own life as healthy as a critical study of characters and events during the American Renaissance period. whole kit Cited Alcott,Louisa Ma y. Little Women. New York Signet, 1983. Elbert,Sarah, A Hunger for Home Louisa May Alcott and Little Women (Philadelphia Temple,1984), 86. Russett, Cynthia Eagle. Sexual Science The Victorian Construction of Womanhood. Cambridge Harvard U P, 1989. Sanderson, Rena. A moderne Mephistopheles Louisa May Alcotts Exorcism of Patriarchy. American Transcendental Quarterly 5 (1991) 41-55. Saxton, Martha. Louisa May AlcottA Modern Biography. New York Noonday Press, 1995.

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