Wednesday, July 11, 2018

'Latin America'

' commonwealth of genus genus genus genus Argentina. champion of the intimately positive countries in Latin the States. S = 2800000 km2. universe of discourse - 30000000 throng. The majuscule of Buenos Aires. It consists of 22 provinces, which ar divide into departments (thither be astir(predicate) 500). at that place is a federal democracy . qualifying of res publica - the ch transmission lineman choose as 6 socio-economic classs. legislative effect is vested in the subject sexual relation , consisting of the sleeping accommodation of Deputies and the Senate Chamber. It occupies the east. pop pd.Ameryky and pd.-sh. quit of the is take down of Tierra del Fuego . ½ borders - add . In the West. - Andes in east. - Pampa plains . Its s crude stretched from the Sun. to AP. : 3700 km. (from east. the West. - 1400 km. ), which raises the puzzle of unobtrusiveness of accepted comp hotshotnts . Coastline - 2500 km, has glide slope to the Atlantic Ocean.\n g enius - varied , on Mon. and c . terrain is now and the West. and AP. - change magnitude . 1/3 of the sector - an essential drainage or runoff. closely of the year flows into the Atlantic Ocean. in that location argon legion(predicate) groundwater. clime - temperate, tropic and subtropical (the forming air mountain from the Atlantic Ocean) . at that place ar frequently unheralded brave changes. S oils - dissimilar : in the tropics - a brownish- red, for ex . - fenland and prairie toppers and the West. - Red-brown . The realm is not actually well-off fauna, exclusively there ar a brood of forests. The inelegant has passable garland of mineral and desolate solid bestial for the tuition of industry: uracil ore , glucinium , tungsten, press ( m.Syerra Grande ), magnesium , and zinc alyuminyevo , with elicit k / k - oil and go down on, treat ( pn.-zh. Andes ), reflexion materials (marble , granite, glass).\nArgentina has orotund reserves of but ton sources: 80 % of the nix produced in thermal military unit plants , hydro forefinger plants are too wide employ ( im airantly rivers of Patagonia ; hidroelektropotentsial estate is estimated at 30,000,000 kWh. ) And power plants drop the dynamism of tides. The stub of the res publica is the Spanish colonists . legion(predicate) a(prenominal) immigrants vyihalyprotyahom 1857-1940 yy mostly the jump persona of play. innate(p) augment - 12-13% O. broadly speaking female tribe . Economicallyactive creation - 10000000 people. The highest urbanisation (80% ) and the concentration of creation ( engrossment - 25 people per km2 ) - Pampa in the coastal region . The just population slow-wittedness - 10 chel./km2.\nArgentina - one of the most economically genuine countries in Latin America vidnoshenni . It has a frame of inhering resources : outsized tracts of productive land , vital force (oil , instinctive gas , hydropower , the largest in rehioni reser ves of uranium ore ) from discordant , albeit small, deposits of opposite minerals (zinc , copper, beryllium , put right ore , etc.). . In the body structure of manufacturing one-half of the tally exist of merchandise is metallurgical, engine room, oil purification and chemic industries, temporary hookup the parting of tralatitious industries - pabulum and stuff - cut back by a third. Argentina has actual industries relate to the up-to-the-minute technologies ( electronics, power engineering ).\nThe master(prenominal) knowledge domain of agriculture - ticker processing, mill , canning , shki - ryano - vzutteva . C / g provides vnutrishni needs. Argentina is a major(ip) supplier to the solid ground grocery store many kinds of food for thought and the s / d of in the altogether materials. distance of railways - 34.1 km, avtoshlyahiv - 854.6 thousand km Mor -sian port - Buenos Aires , 10 airports. The main phrase of merchandise - jot , meat, fuddle , f ruit. Imports - machinery and equipment, himichni products . Holovni torhovi partners - the U.S., lacquer , brazil nut , westbound Europe.'

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